Wendy and I go WAY back…back to my days as a vegetarian when she was the only fast food restaurant that embraced anything remotely non-animalish. Fast forward 10 years and I was working at a hospital where the closest place to avoid hospital food was a Wendy’s in the adjoining parking lot. I lived on baked potatoes and Frosty’s. Move forward another 10 years (OK, maybe more…but really, who is counting?) and I was recruited to participate in a Dallas blogger event to try the new Wendy’s Pick 2 Menu. Wendys fast food pick 2 menuI am there! Literally, we all met at the Wendy’s in Richardson, TX. Wendys fast food restaurant pick 2 menu blogger eventWendy treated us to our choice of the new Pick 2 Menu – that sounds much easier than it is in real life. There are four salads, baked potatoes, chili, bacon jr. cheeseburger, chicken wrap and a variety of drinks.   I will take Wendy’s word for it that there are 28 combinations possible.*
*I was too busy eating to do the math.
I chose the Apple Pecan Chicken Salad & a baked potato. pecan apple salad and a baked potato from WendysIt was tasty and plenty of food.   I would totally pay $4.99 for it.*
*Full disclosure:   I DID pay $4.99 the very next day when I went back to Wendy’s and tried the BLT Cobb Salad that Lea Ann was eating across the table from me at the event.
Lea Ann DID say she would share, but I didn’t want to interrupt her tweeting… MommysWishList twitters at Wendy's blogger eventShe and I always try to tweet pictures of each other on twitter at ANY event we both attend.   It is just the way it is.   It is just the way it should be. I liked both the salads I tried and couldn’t name a favorite yet until I try the other two.   I love a fancy salad. The other thing that is amazing about the Pick 2 Menu is that it is not only reasonably priced and contains healthy choices, it is available through the DRIVE THRU. My kinda place. wendys pick 2 menu signs*** I was treated to lunch and fine company courtesy of Wendy’s in celebration of their new Pick 2 Menu.   I was paid for my participation which not only includes this post, but also last week’s #Wendyspick2 Twitter party. Thank you Wendy’s & The MotherHood!

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