10 Stroller Games for Tots

I would love to work out with my kids more, and now we have a stroller that can help me both bond with my kids and exercise.

Thanks to ZUMU for sponsoring this post and gifting us with a 3 in 1 Bike Trailer with Stroller and Jogger Conversion.


We have come up with some games to engage our toddlers while Mommy runs.

Games for your kids - Ideas for them to have un while you jog!

The kids loved the windows and getting to watch the world as I ran!

Exercise with your kids

Sing a silly song together – make up the songs, or change the words of the songs you and your child know.

Pretend you are a car a “vroom” and your way along the sidewalks.

Have your kids play Red light Green light with you.   As you push, they get to decide if it’s green and you run, yellow and you walk or red and you come to a stop.

I Spy.   Ask them to identify things that you see as you walk.   If they are older, have them guess at what you are looking at.

pack a picnic - a fun activity for kids

Check out the storage!   We were able to fit a gallon of water, bag of
apples, blankets to sit on, plates/cups, and dinner for the kids and I 
- with room to spare in our Zumu!

More Outdoor Activities

Pack a picnic.   Eat a meal or fun snack together halfway through your run.

Beanbag Toss.   Give your child a bean bag.   They throw it ahead of you.   Dash with the stroller to the bean bag.   Do a 3 squats, pick it up.   Run for a couple of paces, have your child re-throw the bag and then do jumping jacks or a when you “pick it up”, etc.

Play the Alphabet game.   Find the letters of the alphabet as you walk.

Dance Walk.   Try it with your kids – Dance while you walk – it is guaranteed to make your kids giggle, make you (and any bystanders) smile.

Games for your kids - Ideas for them to have un while you jog!

The front wheel axle can be easily replaced with a 
bike hitch - very versatile!

Get Moving with the Kids

Draw a curvy line on the sidewalk (or have an older run ahead of you and draw the line for you), do laps following the “swerves”.

Count to 100 together with every step, or if you are in a neighborhood, with every house that you pass.   Then count backwards on your way back home.


Thanks again to Zumu Products for sponsoring this post.   We can’t wait to hitch up a bike and take our kids for a ride!

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  1. These look like great way to engage your kids while they are in their strollers.

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