Juggling three balls is a big accomplishment for a kid.  But it can be hard to find three balls around your house that are all the same size and weight so we have an easy way to make your own.  Kids Activities Blog loves how easy these filled balloon juggling balls are to make and we hope you like them too.  Thanks to Sali from Zak and Nayu for being a Quirky Momma for the day! {Kids DIY} balloon balls - great for juggling

Juggling Three Balls

It is really easy to make good quality juggling balls and start learning how to juggle. The best thing about these juggling balls is the rubbery surface which gives them a good grip while learning to juggle. They can be decorated in many different ways.

Make Your Own

You will need:
  • x9 balloons (makes 3 balls)
  • Lentils (dry, of course!)
  • Scissors
  • A cup of tea 🙂

{Kids DIY} balloon balls - great for juggling

Filled Balloon

Begin by cutting the tip off each balloon (the bit you use to blow it up) so you're left with only the round bit. Open up one balloon and pour in the lentils (you can also use rice) until it is as full as it can get. Keep pressing down on it from all angles. This rearranges the lentils inside to create more space. Now take another cut up balloon and stretch it over the lentil filled balloon. Make sure you place it the other way around, so that the hole is facing the other side. This means the hole in the first lentil filled balloon is completely covered. Now take a third balloon and do the same again, making sure the hole is facing another direction to the first and second. {Kids DIY} balloon balls - great for juggling

Juggling Balls

Your first ball is done! Now make two more balls. You can use the cut off pieces of balloon to decorate, or use a permanent marker to draw on them. {Kids DIY} balloon balls - great for juggling

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