Mothers talk about a lot of things with each other.  The highs, the lows, the good days and the bad.  There ares some things, though, that even the best of friends don’t share. Our best blog feature that we interviewed this morning,  Mess for Less, is weighing in today on some things that mothers should know but don’t talk about.  Maybe you’ll be more open the next time you are chatting with other mothers.

5 Things Mothers Should Know

5 Things Mothers Should Know (but don’t talk about)

1.  Is there something wrong with my child?  – An honest talk about being concerned that there is something wrong with your child.  This post gives you a list of steps you can take to explore the possibilities and another mother’s honest perspective. 2.  Ways to teach children how to enjoy – Help your children take a step away from material goods and technology to find the simple pleasures in life.  This is a lovely list of 14 ways to encourage enjoying life like getting outside to playing in the rain and feeding the ducks. 3.  Letting kids work it out – Have you ever considered not breaking up your kids spats and just letting them work it out?  It’s possible that doing so may instill skills like the ability to stand up for themselves.  Also, they may learn more problem solving and confidence. 4.  Selling your house when you have kids – Kids accumulate a lot.  How can you keep your home tidy and buyer-ready with little ones around?  This gives you several tips on doing just that and keeping your kids involved in your sale. 5.  Ten ways to stop a tantrum – No matter what little angels we think we have, all our children throw tantrums.  It’s just part of childhood.  If you want some new things to try when they’re kicking and screaming, here is a good list for you.  You can try distraction, counting or walking away. Thank you Vicky from Mess for Less for all of these great tips.

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