Rock Candy is a classic treat for kids.  We have an easy and fun way to make rock candy at home…while also encouraging your child to drink water and eat fruit!  Kids Activities Blog loves this cute recipe and we hope you do too! Awesome rock candy kids can make - Make rock candy mini skewers!

Rock Candy

Do you try to encourage your kids to drink more water?   In the heat of summer we love to offer the kids lightly flavored water – these rock candy stirrers add just a hint of flavor, make drinking water fun and colorful. Here is what you need:
  • Sugar
  • Water
  • Toothpicks
  • Optional: Flavors (we used coffee syrups)
  • Also Optional: Food Dye

Make Rock Candy

We made a simple sugar syrup using water and sugar and added flavoring to the sugar.   We followed the directions at Glue Sticks and used one cup of sugar to one cup of boiling water.   We added the sugar slowly – it still gummed the bottom of our pan – and added flavoring and food dye after the sugar water cooled. We poured the sugar syrup into cups, poked toothpicks into a strip of cardboard (to hold the sticks stable) and balances the sticks into the syrup.  We had fun watching the crystals of sugar grow on the sticks.

Kids can make rock candy mini skewers for an awesome rock candy treat!

Rock Candy Recipe

Oh.   How. Fun! The kids love stirring and drinking with their mini skewers. We stuffed our sticks into fruit and used them as stirrers in our water.   We love adding slices of fruit to our water.   The sticks made the fruit fun to stir.   Lime added just a touch of sour to the sweet of the candy stick.

Yummy rock candy - Kids love to make rock candy mini skewers!

More Kids Activities

Who doesn’t love rock candy?  With these cute mini skewers, your kids will love that they can make rock candy and have fun watching it form too.  For more kids activities, you might enjoy these tasty ideas:

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