We are back with some very fun coloring pages for kids all for the month of May “ except this month Kids Activities Blog made sure to include some free printable pages for our friends in the Southern Hemisphere! Up in the Northern Hemisphere we are celebrating spring and flowers, and the real start of the gardening season. April has provided more than enough rain, and now we get to reap the beautiful benefits “ flowers! So print out these coloring pages to prepare for the beauty that May will bring. If you’re joining us from the Southern Hemisphere, we have some autumn themed pages for you! Enjoy the weather cooling down and the beautiful leaves changing colors and falling!

Free Printable Coloring Pages for Kids for the Month of May!

Coloring Pages

I have 6 May/Spring themed coloring pages available to print. These pages include: May page with butterflies and flowers A girl gardening A pot to draw your own flowers A pot with flowers The life cycle of a flower A girl with flowers and plants

Month of May

I also have 7 May/Autumn themed coloring pages availabe! These pages include: May page with pumpkins and a scarecrow A scarecrow with pumpkins Apples in a barrel Pumpkins Corn with pumpkins A tree A boy playing in leaves

Free Printable

Click here to download:

Coloring Page Fun

Coloring pages are great for more than just coloring! Try some of these fun ideas! Watercolors Glue on the lines when finished and add glitter Cut out the pictures when finished and turn them into a fun scene Take a moment and color with your child. They’ll probably enjoy the interaction and I’ve found it really opens the door for genuine conversation.

More Coloring Pages

For more fall coloring pages, check out these 4 adorable options or these 3 coloring sheets!

Coloring Pages for the month of May {Free Printable}

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