10 Creative Ideas for Learning at Home

Learning is a very important part of growing up.  Many children go to school each day to learn while others stay at home and home school.  Here is a great list to get you started learning at home.

Our Best Blog feature, The Usual Meyhem, has offered us a whole slew of creative ideas for learning at home.  If you missed her interview this morning, be sure to go take a peak.


10 Creative Ideas for Learning at Home

1.  Winter Hideaway – Begin learning about hibernation by getting out into nature and seeing animals in their natural habitat.

2.  Fall Watercolor Leaf Art – A great activity with watercolor the all beautiful leaves we have in the fall.

3.  Harry Potter Inspired Crafts – Here are some fun ways to incorporate the ever popular Hogwarts into your home school learning.

4.  Hard as a Rock – Learn about different types of rocks by hiking, searching in creeks and getting out in the wilderness.

5.  Around the World in 12 Dishes – A good way to learn about different countries and cultures is through their food.  Learn more about Japan in 12 dishes.

6.  Suncreen Experiment – A fun science experiment to do with your kids in the summer to test the true protection of sunscreen and SPF.

7.  Brain Freeze – If you happen to suffer from brain freeze, use some of these experiments to try and relieve your pain!

8.  Incorporate Science into Your Homeschooling – Here are 10 easy ways to get more science into your home school while having a lot of fun.

9.  Reasons to Homeschool – If you’ve considered home school, here are some positive reasons behind it and why you should consider it.

10.  Snowflake Art – Create a winter wonderland of hand painted snowflakes with dollar store canvases, tape and a bit of paint.

Thank you Eddie for sharing The Usual Mayhem and your creative ideas for learning at home.

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