Making your kids laugh is one of the best things about being a parent. Usually it goes without saying that kids can  always  make a parent double over with laughter – we’ve used pranks, jokes and silly activities. Sometimes they are so hilarious it seems that us mommy’s and daddy’s can’t possibly compete, however this is where we are mistaken. We are funny, we can make our littles giggle and here are some foolproof ways to to turn up the laugh meter! kids laugh - 10 ways to laugh with kids

Kids Laugh & Giggles

1) Never underestimate the power of a good tickle fight. 2) Tell your littles that they are not allowed, under any circumstance to laugh or smile. 3) Depending on the age of the kiddos, sing a nursery rhyme or the abc’s and mess up the words or letters but insist you are singing it correctly. 4) Play ‘Red light / Green light’ and say a funny word instead of the standard “red light.” 5) Have a funny face contest. 6) Pretend you are sleeping, add in a few exaggerated snores for good measure, then wake up and silly startle them. 7)    Play a classic game of peek-a-boo or hide-n-go seek. 8) Tell a joke or take turns making up jokes. 9) Insist that you are the child and your kiddo is the parent and act super crazy as they try to take care of you. 10) Tell them that if they eat their entire meal they can have  broccoli for dessert. make kids laugh - 10 Ideas Now that you are the star of your own comedy club, carry the laughter over into other parts of your day and have fun with your kiddos! It’s an old adage but one that we, as parents, know to be true… kids grow up way too fast! Laugh with them often and embrace the time you have with them always!

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  2. This is funny… You ask them to repeat what you say. Start saying m m m m m m m m m m m m n. they will keep saying m and it will sound funny then say that they weren’t copying you!

  3. My kids love when I am silly and I put on a very serious face and say ‘well, this is no laughing matter’ cue peals of laughter everytime. My dad used to say if you unscrew your belly button your bottom will fall off, this is hysterical anyway but if you chase them around with a screwdriver ‘to find out’ it is brilliant. Blowing bubbles on their tummies. The snoring one is great.

  4. I have been searching for smiles with my kids lately…I can usually find them under their arm (with a tickle)…They laugh so hard when I do this