We love Fantastic Friday (every Friday – or nearly every one) we like to mention some of our favorite posts of the week.   This week I found a bunch of home remedies including DIY cough drops, recipe to make your own really nice smelling disinfectant spray, and a bunch or chicken soup and make-ahead meals you can have waiting in your freezer.   Everyone hates being sick.   Here are some simple things that you can make and prepare to help you fight those germs! … Homemade cough drops.   You can find instructions on wiki-how that tell you how to make the cough drops.       Mrs. Harding has a number of different recipes – I have personally tried homemade licorice cough drops.   A friend was kind enough to make some for me, and I loved them!   They are great for a sore throat.   Add crushed vitamin C for extra zing and health benefits! … Pepper Paints is a fun homeschooling site.   She has a great solution to Lysol!   It is non-toxic, biodegradable and smells great!   Totally safe for your preschoolers to use walking around the house spraying all the doorknobs and table/counter surfaces.   Let’s not share those germs! … And the final shout-out for the day goes to one of my new favorite blogs.   I am trying to get back into Once-a-month-cooking, and this mom has some great chicken soup and make-ahead meal ideas!   I know one thing, when I am sick I do NOT want to cook!   Chicken Soup is supposed to be easier to digest and helps you heal faster.   I love how Candi makes the soup in muffin tins – perfectly portioned for the “ill” person in the house! Another yummy recipe is this super-easy potato soup from June Cleaver Nirvana!   My kind of recipe. … Interested in teaching your kids about Germs? We have a learning unit all about germs with activities for your preschooler. You can even make some fun soap to help encourage your youngster to wash their hands more often! … Do you have some fantastic posts that deserve a shout-out? Tell us about them in our Fantastic Friday link-up! Don’t forget to link back to us and share the button award!!! Button code to grab if you are featured or if you link up: <a href=”https://kidsactivitiesblog.com/fantastic-friday”><img src=”http://i811.photobucket.com/albums/zz34/quirkymomma/FFButton.jpg” alt=”” /></a> … Thanks to  Chris for providing images!

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