{Story Time} Books to Read: Hugs and Kisses

Children love to be read to at story time.  For the month of February, here are some books to read about love, hugs and kisses.  We at Kids Activities Blog hope that you can share the joy of reading with your child through some of these books.

Enjoy story time for kids with these sweet books about love, hugs and kisses

Story Time

Now that it’s February, love is definitely in the air!  So what better to read about then hugs, kisses, and love.

Here are ten children's picture books inspired by love that make great reads for this month.

Guess How Much I Love You, by Sam McBratney, is a classic story of a conversation between Little Nutbrown Hare and Big Nutbrown Hare.   No matter what Little Nutbrown Hare comes up with to compare his love to, Big Nutbrown Hare goes a little bit farther.   This precious story of the interchange between a little one and his caregiver is touching and makes the perfect book to snuggle up and read.

If Kisses Were Colors, by Janet Lawler, is stunning book, both visually and in its words.   The book describes the endlessness of the love a parent feels for their child through beautiful analogies.   Written in a poetic style with gorgeous illustrations, it's perfect for quiet time with your little reader.

I Love You So Much, by Carl Norac, is a favorite book at our house.   A little hamster, Lola, spends all day waiting to share some special words with her parents.   Finally, she can't hold them in anymore and the response she gets is a happy surprise.   The expressions on Lola's face in the book are humorous and quite realistic.

Books To Read

The Giant Hug, by Sandra Horning, tells the story of a little pig named Owen who is determined to send his grandma a hug for her birthday.   The only problem is that she lives across the country.   Owen comes up with an ingenious way of sending her the hug.   His idea starts by hugging his mail carrier.   This hug is then passed from worker to worker until it finally reaches his grandmother.   Not only does she receive his loving message, but the huggers in between are also touched by this experience.

Hug, by Jez Alborough, is a book with an irresistibly sweet character.   How can you not love and want to give a hug to a cute little chimp named Bobo?   Well, that's what happens.   Poor Bobo goes searching all over trying to find someone to hug him.   The only word in this book is hug  making it one that young children can actively participate in by saying the word hug each time it appears.

Love You Forever, by Robert Munch and Sheila McGraw, is a classic book that chronicles a mother's love for her son as he grows from an infant to a grown man.   The touching tradition they have of her rocking him while he sleeps and singing to him is one that will touch many parent's hearts.

Hugs and Kisses

I Love You So…, by Marianne Richmond, was one that I purchased for my step-daughter when she was young.   Through its bouncy cadence and vibrant pictures, many examples on how, no matter what a child does or says, their parents still love them.

Hugs From Pearl, by Paul Schmid, is a comical book about a little porcupine named Pearl who has problems hugging her friends without poking them.   After several different attempts, she finally finds a way to share her love with her friends.   This is a book that we read and reread time and time again.

The Perfect Hug, by Joanna Walsh and Judi Abbot, have created a book with illustrations that inspire smiles and warm, loving feelings in readers.   talks about all kinds of hugs: silly hugs, big hugs, and hugs that tickle.   But none of them compare to the perfect hug.

I Love You Stinky Face, by Liz McCourt, was referred to me by a friend.   It is a charming book that shows how a young child tests his mother's love for him in silly, imaginative, and gross ways.   Throughout it all, though, she reassures him that she will love him no matter what.

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  1. Great list. Some of these are favorites of ours too. Another “hug” book we love is Hugless Douglas. It is a fabulous book about a bear who wakes up in the spring and goes looking for hugs in all the wrong places. The end pages are really need because they illustrate drawings of different kinds of hugs.

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