Let me ask you a question, did you play with Barbies growing up? If so, did you have a weird one? Ya know, the one you experimented on?

I am willing to bet, we all had one…

But in case you didn’t, I have some fun news to share with you…

Mattel is releasing a “Weird Barbie” doll based on Kate McKinnon’s character in the new Barbie movie!


Mattel announced yesterday that fans of Kate McKinnon’s “Weird Barbie” from the new Barbie movie will soon be able to play with their own wacky doll.

That means you can own your own weird/wacky doll!

Oh and in case you’re wondering, yes, she can totally do the splits.


The new Weird Barbie will be dressed in the same outfit from the show and has a look that screams “she’s been played with a little too much”.


If anyone knows anything about keeping it weird, it’s Weird Barbie, a breakout character from Barbie The Movie. Our doll version wears an outfit inspired by one you’ll see in the feature film, a bright pink dress with colorful artwork and puffy sleeves, and green snakeskin boots. She also features short tousled hair and markings on her face to emulate a doll that’s been played with just a little too much.


Weird Barbie is made to order and you only have a few weeks to pre-order one.

Weird Barbie is currently available for preorder until August, 18 2023 and then she’ll won’t be ready to play with until next year.

Mattel estimates shipping will begin by May 31, 2024.

Make your Barbie dreams real!

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