slice of dallas

Yesterday I participated in the i heart faces photo walk in Dallas.

40 local photographers and bloggers showed up to tour the town with camera in hand.

It was literally a paparazzi gang let loose on the unsuspecting streets of Dallas and its inhabitants.

We roamed and clicked for hours.

It was really fun to hang out with like kind.

Oh, and they brought along a few models that were much more willing participants than MY children…which is probably why I don’t have many good pictures of them.

I don’t know how to photograph children who are facing me and smiling.   I just don’t have any practice for that type of crazy situation.

The whole morning was a load of fun and I am ready to repeat.

In Dallas.


*hint, hint*

Thanks i heart faces!


  1. Love your photos! The second one happens to be my building/apartment. Looks like you had great fun.

  2. Holly it truly was a pleasure meeting you in person. I hope I didn’t scare you with my giddiness but you are a great blog idol of mine!

  3. Looks like you had a great time. Wish I could have been there – I got wait listed! That’ll teach me next time to be more on the ball and sign up BEFORE thursday. ha ha

  4. These are fabulous Holly! You have a GREAT eye!!!!!

  5. Love, LOVE the manhole (personhole?) cover with Special City Dallas – excellent!

    I’m with Texan Mama – wait list me baby.

  6. What a great thing for photographers. Love your photos. Very artistic.

  7. How fun! I love the crop and how they all look together. Very graphic designy:-) So happy you could make it! YAY!

  8. a++ love the details..great shots! (as your teacher..great exposure) but anyway…love the long thin crops you are doing…

  9. Fun pictures. I’ve never seen Dallas quite like this!

  10. I didn’t recognize a single thing from a town I’ve been to dozens of times! These are great pictures.

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