Yeah for Friday! Today’s installation will be a little potluck, A LOT Fight the Frump. Please join the worldwide tour by visiting our precious tour guide, Fussy. Last night blog-Stedman and I went shopping. I was in desperate need of some clothes to adequately cover my shapely body. I was beginning to feel a little uncomfortable with what I was wearing…almost a little exhibitionistic. Blog-Stedman was there to help me with the technical aspects of shopping. The shopping trip began with a good set of jeans. I chose them in a dark grey color so they would be a little different, but neutral. I then chose an embellished T-shirt that could be dressed up or down. It was the footwear that caused the marital discord. We seemed to be in an argument over what shoes I finally chose. I was happy with my current athletic gear and he preferred heels. Heels? Heels? Try walking a mile in my shoes now… I finally relented when he made the very good point that we were only VIRTUALLY shopping for my Rock Star Avatar and I wouldn’t ACTUALLY have to WALK in them. I feel better now that during rock concerts my only three biggest fans won’t be ogling me in a denim skirt that barely covers the essentials and fishnets. Rock on. One of the books I am currently reading is “Just Try it On” by Susan Redstone. I thought this was an interesting tidbit for modest shoppers: “If you are the type of person who prefers clothing that shows less skin, even in the warmer months of summer, pick as much of your summer wear in the spring as possible because by July the clothing in the stores becomes very skimpy because of the hot weather.” If you have been up nights worried about what I wore to last week’s play date. Pictures and a report are posted here. Well, I am off to get dressed. I have no idea what to wear. The weather pattern here has been 80 degrees, snow, 70 degrees, SNOW AGAIN!, so I guess if the pattern holds I need to pick out a nice pair of shorts to go with my winter coat…

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  1. so like the new threads aye? congrats on ’em even if they are virtual(i understood that correctly right?)

    Oh and congrats on winning my giveaway, I emailed you about it!

  2. Oooooh, shopping – fun!! Only, I would never go clothes shopping (or any kind of shopping) with my hubby – NOPE – NOT FUN AT ALL!! Glad you found some things you liked!

    Thanks for coming by and thanks for your prayers for our sweet baby. Take care and I’ll see you soon. Kellan

  3. LOL! You had me fooled, too!

    I like the idea of shopping early. I never do it, but I should. Every year by the time I talk myself into buying a bathing suit, it’s too late, and they’re all gone! It’s an ongoing sage. I haven’t had a bathing suit in YEARS. Maybe this will be the year I go early…

  4. You had me for a virtual minute there. I was ready to give blog-Stedman an award. I give him a virtual award now. Rock on!

  5. i feel bad having beautiful weather while you are forced to search for the perfect wardrobe in horrendous late winter conditions… Bless your heart!

  6. I love finding the links to Fight the Frump….in hopes that someday I won’t be frumpy! 🙂

    I always venture out in snow storms. I live in South Dakota….snow storms are nothing for me!!!

  7. You went out last night?! You must really need the clothes 😉
    Husbands ALWAYS want their wives in heels. I am conveinced Beck buys all of Posh’s shoes!
    Stay warm!

  8. You are so funny…I thought “What the hell is this girl doing shopping in a SNOW storm?” Duh. 🙂