2013 Printable Calendar

In just a few hours it will be a new year and you will need a 2013 printable calendar!  Every once in awhile Kids Activities Blog likes to post a mom activity and here is one of the cutest we have published!  With the help of our sweet friends at Petite Lemon, here is a calendar that you can customize with a favorite photo and enjoy during 2013.

2013 printable calendar to add a photo of YOUR child from Kids Activities Blog designed by Petite Lemon

2013 Printable Calendar

The festive colors of this calendar will put you in a good mood to enjoy 2013.  Your favorite photo will remind you what is important this year.

To print the calendar, click here:  2013 Printable Calendar

Did you get a chance to print the sweet notes that were also designed by Petite Lemon?  We featured them a few weeks ago as Christmas printables, but they are so colorful they could be used year around.

New Year Calendar

Let’s all make a resolution to hug our kids more in 2013 because isn’t that what being a mom is all about?

 This precious 2013 printable calendar was  created by our friends at Petite Lemon, who specialize in personalized decor and tees for kids. You can view all of their personalized goodness ” canvas growth charts, sibling tshirts, alphabet posters, birthday tshirts and more at  PetiteLemon.com.


  1. This is really cool, but I noticed an error on what should be October 20th (says 12).

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