This Thursday coloring page is the fifth in a series of daily coloring pages for kids featuring the days of the week.  Today we have been having fun with Thursday and so to keep the fun going, here is the featured coloring page of the day on Kids Activities Blog. Thursday coloring page - part of the days of the week coloring sheets for kids from Kids Activities Blog

Thursday Coloring Page

Elephants and clouds decorate Thursday’s page.  Download the fun! To print this coloring page for kids, click here:  THURSDAY coloring page The color associated with this day of the week is orange.  Oh!  That is one of my favorite colors.  Grab the brightest orange crayon you can find…can elephants be orange?

More Coloring Activities

Thursday is here and we are having a great week.  Come back over tomorrow when we will be celebrating ¦Friday!  Check out these other Kids Activities Blog printable coloring activities:

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  1. I am loving these days of the week coloring sheets. I have already talked to my co-teacher how we might use them to help the children learn how each day of the week looks like! Can’t wait for Friday and Saturday! Thanks so much!