Learning the moon phases for kids is great for Monday activities!  Do you know what the word  Monday means?  Here is a fun way to teach your child about moon phases? Then read on and learn about the Day of the Moon and more.   This week Kids Activities Blog is celebrating the days of the week with activities and coloring pages! moon phases for kids

Moon Phases for Kids

Old ago Monday was called Day of the Moon maybe because Sunday was called Day of the Sunday. People long ago must have decided that the moon should have a day if the sun did. Recently my son and I looked over a  calendar displaying phases of the moon and thought it would be fun to create phases of the moon chart. I decided the chart would only include four days. We could always create a chart that contained data on more days later. We took black paper and drew a grid with two columns and four rows. Then we cut white circles out of construction paper. Once the circles had been cut out, I left the rest of the cutting up to my son. A secondary goal of this project was for him to look at the chart and see if he could replicated each phase of the moon by cutting  it out carefully. moon phases for kids chart  

Moon Phases

He carefully looked at the chart and cut each day’s moon out as  accurately  as he could. Some of the phases came out with smooth cuts and other were more jagged. Which was just fine. I wanted him to get cutting practice. He has gotten better and better at holding his scissors correctly and holding onto what he is trying to cut. I continue to see that as he did this project. moon phases completed When he had finished cutting out each moon, he placed it in the right hand column. Each moon was placed under the one that came before it. Once all the moons were in place, we looked back at the chart to find out the date that I needed to write  in the left hand column with white crayon. I would write December in the correct box and he would tell me what number to write under December.

More Kids Activities

Did you learn something new today about the name Monday and Day of the Moon?    We did!   This is  such a great way for kids to learn about moon phases while also practicing their scissor skills. We have more great kids activities about the moon right here for you. Have fun!

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