This Mom’s Simple Hack to Prevent Kids from Slamming Doors is Pure Genius [Video]

File this under the “why didn’t I think of that?” category…

This mom has a simple hack to prevent kids from slamming doors and I’m applauding her genius.

You know when kids are throwing a tantrum or get really upset and they just want to storm off to their room and slam the door?

I swear it sets of an internal alarm inside of us parents and it just puts everyone in a bad mood.

Or how about when your toddler finds it funny to lock themselves in a room? (I cannot tell you how many times my 4-year-old daughter has done this lately).

Well, this mom’s hack using a pool noodle is here to save the day…

In a now viral TikTok video, mom known as SuzyQ online (@ocwarrior19) shared her favorite parenting hack to prevent her toddler from slamming her door.

“I have a little stinker that likes to lock and slam her door, so this is my cheap way to solve that problem,” SuzyQ explains.

In the video, SuzyQ simply cuts up a foam pool noodle and attaches it to her toddler’s door. It’s that easy!

It keeps kids from slamming doors and keeps little fingers from getting squished. Plus, it’s renter-friendly and doesn’t cause any damage to the door!

You can simply pick up a pool noodle from your local Dollar Tree and get cutting!

You can watch the genius video below.

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