Gilt Children Coupon Code & GIVEAWAY

Gilt Group Children websiteI love finding fun new places to shop.

And save.

That is why I am so excited about Gilt Children.   It is a super cute website with all sorts of deals on the new and trendy stuff.

And it is precious.

Did I mention it is adorable?

Gilt Children has great prices on things needed (and wanted) for your kids.   They carry a wide variety of children’s clothing.   Even the selection in the boy’s department had me taking a deeper tour since I have difficulty finding nice clothes for my boys.

They also sell storage solutions, some decor, games, toys and children’s shoes.

From what I saw, most of it is at least 40% off…and often more.   Shipping is a standard $5.95.

She is Dallas has an exclusive discount that starts today and ends July 18, 2011, click below for the…

*Gilt Coupon Code*

It entitles you to $10 off when you spend $50 or more at Gilt Children.

And as if that wasn’t enough, I am also giving away a $100 gift credit at Gilt Children in celebration of the Gilty Moms Summer Spectacular!

To enter:

Leave a comment below with a favorite summer memory.

Additional entries (please leave a comment below for each you do):

1.   Like Gilt Children on FB.

2.   Follow @GiltChildren on Twitter.

3.   Tweet this giveaway and include the #GiltyMom hashtag.

The contest will end on July 10, 2011.   You may enter daily by tweeting.

Follow along on the Gilt Children’s FB page where a discussion about celebrating summer with kids is ongoing.

She is Dallas info:   Gilt Children is part of the Gilt Group family of designer sale websites.   I am currently working with Gilt as part of the Gilt Children Summer Spectacular through The Motherhood. Giveaway winner will be chosen randomly and notified by email.   Oh! Don’t forget to take advantage of the Gilt Children’s Discount!



  1. I love Gilt! Such a great giveaway. One of my favorite summer memories is spending the 4th of July on my parent’s houseboat. It’s my absolute favorite holiday!

  2. favorite memory?

    there are too many but one of my top favorites?

    Watching ice cream drip all over my daughter on a hot summer day after painting the concrete with chalk and her liking her hands. ADORABLE

  3. I “liked” Gilt Children on FB

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  5. I always loved going on vacation with my family. We usually went to Colorado and New Mexico and it was always nice to just get out of town.

  6. My favorite summer memory from my childhood was when I learned to make little woven hair wreathes out of flowers. I was probably 5 or 6 and I remember staying out till dusk on my grandmother’s farm in Poland, making the wreathes, then brining them in to sleep next to me on my night stand.

  7. busyworkingmama follows gilt on twitter

  8. Stephanie j says:

    My fav summer memory is watching the kids run through the sprinkler squealing!

  9. It would be awesome to win this, thanks for the giveaway. Fave summer memory, watching the kiddos pick sugar pea pods off the vine in our garden and eating them straight away (one way to get them to eat their veggies;0).

  10. Stephanie j says:

    I follow giltchildren on twitter


  11. love this!
    favorite summer memory would be taking my daughter Disney world – it was an amazing experience!

  12. What a great giveaway. My favorite summertime memories are going on vacation with my family. When I was younger, I’d go to Maine with my sister and parents camping. We’d eat lots of lobster and clams!!! Now that I’m a mom, I love going away on vacation with my husband and children and visit new places and see the excitement in their eyes.

  13. I like Gilt Children on Facebook

  14. Following Gilt Children on Twitter (as moreorlesley)

  15. Laura Etherton says:

    my favorite memory is 4th of july with my family. we always used to watch our parents get thrown in the pool, eat good food and then get to stay up late and watch fireworks 🙂

  16. Laura Etherton says:

    I Follow GiltChildren on Twitter @theethertons

  17. My favorite summer memory is spending the summer with my three cousins and almost everyday in the city pool when I was 13 or 14, getting sunburned, flirting with boys, oh the fun we had!

  18. My favorite summer memory would be traveling to Europe with my Dad 🙂

  19. My favorite summer memory: the birth of my first child! I did have to endure the last trimester of pregnancy in the middle of a Texas summer, but it was worth it!

  20. My favorite summer memory is eating snow cones on those scorching summer days!

  21. I like Gilt Children on Facebook!

  22. I follow Gilt Children on Twitter!

  23. My favorite summer memory is a one month road trip from our home in Florida to Vermont and New York. It as such a special trip with lasting memories. I am leaving next week with my own family on a road trip to a cabin in Virginia and hope that my three little ones make their own lasting memories!

  24. My favorite thing to do in summer is to cook dinner on the grill. We grill out two or three times a week! So easy and so good.

  25. My favorite summer memories are the ones we make at Sargent Beach in Galveston every year. It’s nice that its close so we can go spend weekends there throughout the summer.

  26. I like Gilt on Facebook. (Kay Lynn ‘Crismon’ Philips)

  27. I follow Gilt Chidren on Twitter. @klcmaher

  28. I loved going on mission trips with my youth group each summer. There was nothing like giving back after being so blessed here in America.

  29. As a teen, laying on the end of the dock at the cottage, dipping my feet in the water while soaking up the sun…and watching the neighbours’ insanely hot son chop firewood.

  30. Like Gilt Children on FB as Cee At SmookieStyle

  31. Follow @GiltChildren on Twitter at @Smookiestyle.

  32. I remember going to the beach and playing in the waves with my dad. Love the beach!

  33. I follow Gilt children on twitter

  34. Spending the hot summer days at the creek. Later in life taking my own children to the very same creek to cool off during our hot mid-west summers.

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  37. I tweeted as @PassportFrugal

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  40. My favorite summer memory is spending the summers at Nannie & Papa’s farm. They would spoil us rotten and make us Mickey Mouse pancakes every morning!

  41. playing hide and seek with all the kids in the neighborhood

  42. My favorite summer memory is from 2 summers ago. My best friend lived around here and we hung out every single day. We had bonfires nightly with tons of friends. We just had a blast! I miss it and her because she moved 2+ hours away.

    muloove at yahoo dot com

  43. i like Gilt Children on fb.
    Cassondra Law

    muloove at yahoo dot com

  44. i follow @GiltChildren.

    muloove at yahoo dot com

  45. My favorite summer memory from childhood was camping trips! They were so much fun and we got to eat tons of marshmallows! Now it is picnic lunches and walks with my family!

  46. My favorite summer memory is going to camp in Catalina for 2 weeks. It was always a ton of fun and I loved being at the beach for 2 weeks straight.

    I also tweeted the contest. I “liked” the Gild children Facebook page. I am following GildChildren on Twitter.

  47. My favorite summer memory is going to rye play land with my family when I was a child.

  48. I Like Gilt Children on FB. vanessa diaz

  49. I Follow @GiltChildren on Twitter. @vmsweet123

  50. I Tweet this giveaway and include the #GiltyMom hashtag.

  51. One of my favorite summer memories is of my best friend Jess and I sitting on her mom’s car, gazing at the stars and talikg about our dreams!

  52. I have great summer memories from when I was a kid of family camping trips. My favorite summer memory with my daughter was her first trip to the beach last year, she had a blast and still talks about it.

  53. I like Gilt Children on Facebook

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  55. Since I’ve had a brain injury, I lost all memory from before the damage:-( But, I can be pretty sure, that it
    would have been of times spent with my grandparents. I was very close to them, and spent weekends and many days over the summer with them. They lived on 20 acres of land and my grandfather was a Florida Game and Fresh Water Warden, who often brought wild animals home with him…until they could be treated for any injuries/illnesses, and then relocated. I’m told that we kids thought nothing of having orphaned wildlife, or full grown alligators, bob cats, possums, or raccoons in the barn!

  56. I have a couple of great summer memories, so it depends upon if we are talking about childhood or adulthood. One that stands out right now: The vacay to St Thomas, Virgin Islands. My sister and I took my mom for her 50th birthday. It was 4 days of calm, warm, sunny, relaxing, childless bliss 🙂

  57. I like Gilt Children on FB, Deanna Underwood

  58. Following Gilt CHildren on Twitter, @Mommy_Gaga

  59. My favorite summer moment is swimming in te pool as a little kid and eating popcicles with my sister.

  60. I used to love rounding up money during the summer and walking with my best friend to our town square to buy shaved ice cups. In the sweltering heat here in the hot, hot Southern states, it was awesome to spoon in a chunk of Strawberry Daiquiri and Cream shaved ice. Mmmmm…I think I want one now. =)

  61. Favorite summer memory is overnight summer camp as a kid! Would love to win!
    dinos_still_exist (at) yahoo (dot) com

  62. My favorite summer memory is always the 4th of July with my family. My mom cooking a flag cake and my dad at the BBQ. 🙂

  63. My favorite summer memories are from last summer. First summer with my baby girl!

  64. My best memory of the summer is hitting the beach! Since i’m a city girl, it was amazing to feel the sand and see the sea that first day of summer vacation.

  65. Favorite summer memory: Fourth of July picnics!

  66. I used to travel alot before I got sick and we would visit a National Park every summer and I have to say that Yellowstone was the best! Right next to it is the Grand Tetons and they are so awesome. We have such great scenery here in the U.S. I wish people would support our country when thinking about trips instead of always wanting to go outside the U.S. They don’t know what they are missing.

  67. fav summer memory finding out i was pregnant after 10 years of trying

  68. I like Gilt on Facebook 🙂

  69. I like Gilt on Twitter 🙂

  70. My favorite summer memory? Playing hacky-sack with my husband and his siblings and friends the night before his sister got married. I am terrible at the game, but it was wonderful, spending time with loved ones, breathing in the hot air rich with the scent of pine, and watching the love flashing back and forth between Kris and her hunny. The fact that my husband and said hunny tossed her up on the roof to retrieve the hacky-sack only added more fun and laughter to the memory, and a great story to tell thier children one day!

  71. Favorite summertime memory – my daddy taking time off to spend the day with the family at the amusement park. It was a sacrifice for Mom and Dad to do this and we loved it!

  72. followed on twitter

  73. Mine is my first summer camp (overnight without parents)!

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  76. I also tweeted with the #giltymom hashtag!

  77. One of my best summer memories is driving to the beach with my husband when we had just started dating, talking and singing as we made it through the hills at 2am. Even better to look back and see how far we’ve come. 🙂

  78. My favorite summer memory is going to Tahiti with my hubby. What I would give to relive it again. 🙂

  79. Fav memory is going long trip with my parents and enjoy summer fruits

  80. Like Gilt Children on FB.

  81. My favorite summer memory is being over at my neighbor’s house all the time and swimming all day long 🙂

  82. I would have to say my favorite summer memory was right after my first son was born….he was only a month old and we were able to rent this teeny tiny house right on the beach (where I went almost every summer growing up). It was so wonderful to be this little family together and have a nice quiet time adjusting.

  83. follower of Gilt children on Facebook (Rheanna Christine)

  84. follower of gilt children on twitter (RheChristine)

  85. I loved driving to CA with my family. For real. We went every other year or so because that is where my mom’s family lives. One summer we took some extra time and visited the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam. Of course that was back when we didn’t wear our seat belts all the time and we would sit on the floorboards or backwards in the seat.

  86. I follow @GiltChildren on Twitter.

  87. I like Gilt Children on Facebook -Michelle Hudak

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  89. susanlanai says:

    We’ve always made great memories at the beach!

  90. susanlanai says:

    I Like Gilt Children on FB.

  91. susanlanai says:

    Especially our little one’s first time in the water – priceless!

  92. susanlanai says:

    I follow @GiltChildren on Twitter.

  93. going on summer vacations with my family or riding my bike in the neighborhood
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

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    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

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  96. Going to the shore in Maryland and spending just about every day (and night!) on the beach, we had a blast! 🙂 Thanks!!

  97. I like Gilt Children on Facebook (Amber H)

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  99. i got married in May so definitely our wedding is one of my favorite summer memories. It was the perfect blend of friends and family for an entire weekend in Bermuda!
    telithahight at yahoo dot com

  100. i follow GC on twitter (thight1)
    telithahight at yahoo dot com

  101. april yedinak says:

    I have so many favorite summer memories. One of the best is playing kickball or hide and seek long into the dark with all my cousins at my grandparent’s house way out in the country.

  102. april yedinak says:

    like Gilt Children on FB
    april yedinak

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    follow Gilt Children on twitter

  104. shannon thompson says:

    last year we took my little girl to Disney for her 5th birthday it was a magical day and defiantly on the top of my list for summer memory’s. she got to meet the princesses and her face was priceless.


  105. shannon thompson says:

    Like Gilt Children on FB.

    teh doll


  106. shannon thompson says:

    Follow @GiltChildren on Twitter.

    sha t

  107. Christina says:

    My favorite summer memory is our yearly trips to Ocean City,MD. The most memorable one was during a category 1 hurricane. Just watching the waves and inlet flooding from the hotel was amazing,beautiful and terrifying.

  108. Christina says:

    follow Gilt children @sunshyne1977

  109. Christina says:

    like Gilt children on Facebook

  110. I just had my favorite summer memory this past weekend. Our family and my best friend’s family went together to Kaboom Town on the evening of July 3. We picked a perfect spot at the back of the airport and watched the flight show and fireworks while sharing healthy snacks and listening to music. Everyone had such a great time.

  111. Follow @GiltChildren on Twitter (@luckytoddler)

  112. Amanda Starr says:

    Just hanging out in our above ground little pool, having tuna and cherry Kool-Aid when done 🙂

  113. Amanda Starr says:

    Like Gilt Children on FB

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    Follow @GiltChildren on Twitter

  115. My favorite summer memory is selling lemonade on our front steps for 10 cent a cup. I think we made about 1.00 which was a lot in those days!

  116. I like Gilt Children on Facebook.

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  118. My favorite summer memory is camping and canoeing with my dad. Lots and lots of memories of that, actually.

  119. I like Gilt Children on FB: Cindy Dyer

  120. I follow Gilt Children on Twitter @getalonghome

  121. Making s’mores around the campfire is a favorite summer memory of mine.

  122. I am a facebook fan (Anne Jolly) of Gilt

  123. I follow gilt children on twitter, lunaj1456

  124. My favorite summer memory is swimming in the pool!

  125. like Gilt Children on facebook Tara Huff

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  127. Deanna G. says:

    My favorite summer memory was going to the beach with my dad! 🙂

  128. Deanna G. says:

    I Like Gilt Children on Facebook. (Deanna Cali)

  129. Deanna G. says:

    I follow @GiltChildren on Twitter as @calidreamin87.

  130. I remember riding bikes to the dirt hill where we would spend all day building a fort.

  131. This is the winning comment!
    Congrats to Christina. I am contacting you right now via email to let you know!
    Thanks so much for entering.

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