Back to School is right around the corner and naturally, parents everywhere are beginning to gather school supplies.

What you might not know is that, teachers can be very specific on the items they do and don’t want.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather buy school supplies my kids will actually use or that will benefit the teacher and class.

With that being said, we recently did a Facebook poll of items teachers DON’T want parents to donate to their classrooms and here is what they said…

5 Things Teachers Don’t Want Parents to Buy This School Year

Cra-Z-art or Rose Art anything

Look, I know Cra-Z-art and Rose Art crayons, colored pencils and markers tend to be cheaper but save yourself, your child and your child’s teacher from the hassle and just go with Crayola.

If you’ve ever used Cra-Z-art or Rose Art supplies, you know they just aren’t the same. The crayons don’t color as well and they just don’t last as long. Spend the extra $0.25-$0.50 to get Crayola and everyone will be happy.

Scented Gluesticks

We’ve talked about this before but scented glue sticks are a big no-no from teachers.

The reason? Kids are tempted to smell and/or eat the glue sticks. To prevent this, just skip on these (even if they look cool).

Off brand dry erase (non-expo) markers

I know one of the most expensive items on school supply lists are Expo dry erase markers but honestly, they are more expensive for a reason.

According to teachers, off brand dry erase markers actually stain and ruin teachers dry erase boards.

Pro tip: Check your local Costco or Sam’s Club. They sell large packs of the Expo brand for really cheap. Also, you can sometimes find the Expo brand in individual packs at Dollar Tree for $1.25.

Novelty erasers

Novelty erasers may look cute but they are more for fun than anything. They don’t erase well and actually tear paper, cause a mess and just make life crazy hard for teachers.

Skip the cheap novelty erasers and opt for the standard pink pearl pencil erasers.

Generic pencils

Say it with me – not all pencils are created equal!

I think it’s safe to say, if you can find them for a good deal or are willing to pay the price, Ticonderoga pencils are the only way to go as far as teachers are concerned.

Basically, any other pencil breaks easily and breaks school sharpeners. Mechanical pencils break easily and kids tend to just play with the lead.

You can grab a nice box of the Ticonderoga #2 pencils on Amazon here for under $12.

Now that you know the top 5 items to NOT get for your child’s class, I wanted to share a great tip from teachers…

If you can, rather than donating school supplies, donate a gift card to your child’s teacher so the teacher can get the exact school supplies they need/want for their classroom.

You can also just stick to the school supply list if needed too!

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  1. I am now purchasing supplies for grand children. What I don’t understand is why are we supplying for the class and or teacher. It’s all fine and everything until one of my kids get home and ask me for a pencil and paper to do homework with. So I ask kid;where are your supplies we just bought? “Teacher took them and put them in the community box for the class”; Me calling school, and child crying and begging no please don’t. Can I speak with little Susie Smiths teacher please, of course I’ll hold. Hi, Ms. Blue yes mam this is Susie Smiths mom, I wanted to let you know that we are the community and she needs some of those school supplies back to use at home.

  2. Sometimes it is not the quality but the quantity that I believe is outlandish. 48 pre-sharpened pencils? Especially knowing some districts will ask for parents to replenished halfway through the year.
    I am a mom of multiples. I have to show up with 96 pre-sharpened pencils, 6 boxes of crayons, 24 glue sticks, etc….
    As a former Title I teacher, I understand the struggle ;however as a parent, if I spend the $250 to buy the things on the list then at least allow my children to have the items I purchased. Why should my kids come home with the wrong color folder and the non-Crayola crayons? If that is going to be the case every year, I might as well save the money… correct??