Sneezing has always been one of those uncontrollable events in my life. I just assumed that it was involuntary. If you have to sneeze, you are going to sneeze! But recently that has all changed and my mind is a bit blown…

how to stop a sneeze by doing one thing - child sneezing outside in front of green trees
You can stop a sneeze?

Ability to Stop a Sneeze

This all started when a few weeks ago when heard that you could stop a sneeze by simply saying “achoo achoo” before you actually sneeze. The theory behind this action is that your mind will tell your body that it has already sneezed and will no longer need to sneeze.

The information came from Scott Adams who is the cartoonist behind Dilbert and a trained hypnotist. He teaches that your mind is a very powerful thing and can control more than you might expect.

OK, but that isn’t the end of the story.

Mind Control over Sneezing

One of his listeners mentioned to him that you don’t actually have to say, “achoo achoo”, but just imagine that you have sneezed (which is going to be much better in a public situation).

That seemed a little crazy. Just imagine the sneeze?

But I tried it yesterday twice and it worked both times.

It is literally the weirdest sensation to need to sneeze, think about it and then not need to sneeze…at all.

And I felt a little powerful too!

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Did it work for you? Were you able to control your sneeze with your mind? I would love to hear in the comments below!

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