Target is here to play this summer and if you need a fun way to keep the kids cool while playing outside, say no more!


Target Is Selling A $15 Backyard Hopscotch Sprinkler So Your Kids Can Stay Cool While They Play!

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This hopscotch sprinkler attaches to your hose and then quickly fills with water.


Once filled with water, it will lightly sprinkle water onto the mat so your kids can play hopscotch while keeping cool.


Your kiddo (and even the kid in you!) is going to love this Hopscotch Sprinkler from Sun Squad™. Designed as a game of hopscotch, this water sprinkler lets out a cool jet of water every time your kiddo steps on it, making it a fun outdoor activity. Easy to attach to any standard garden hose, you can simply set it up in your backyard, lawn or a park to keep your kiddo engaged in exciting sunny activities.


When you’re done playing, simply disconnect the hose and let the water drain.

You can then fold it back up for easy storage.


This is about to be the best thing money can buy for summer and I bet kids everywhere will love it!

You can get the Hopscotch Sprinkler from Target for $15 here.

Missing the waterpark? Bring it home!

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