I swear, Target has the cutest stuff. They always know what I need long before I even realize I need it.

With Spring here and Summer on the way, my kids love to spend time outside exploring and collecting bugs.

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That’s why, as soon as I saw these adorable bug catchers in the Target Dollar Spot, I knew I had to get them!

For starters, these bug kits are adorable. They have 3 different styles including a camping tent, a mushroom and a light blue one with a ladybug on the outside.

Each bug kit comes with the bug housing along with a bug-catching net and tweezers to pick up the bugs.

Unfortunately, I could not find these online but if you’re lucky, you’ll find these in the Bullseye Playground (Dollar Spot) at your local Target.

With each bug kit just being $3, you can totally afford to get them all!

Need a little extra fun this summer?

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