This brings an entirely new meaning to couch potato or shall I say Couch Octopus?

You Can Get A Giant Octopus Costume for Your Baby and It’s Too Cute to Not Have It!

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but if you have a baby in your life, you better make a mad dash over to buy one of these octopus costumes.

It’s cute, warm, cuddly and would be perfect for a home photoshoot!

Aside from being a wearable costume, it could be used as a prop, decoration or cuddly stuffed animal.

In fact, the reviews even say it fits an adult – lol!

This fits babies and adults (kinda). It actually looks like the pictures. It doesn’t have feet.

Amazon Reviewer

You can grab your own Giant Octopus Baby Costume on Amazon for $69.99 here.

check out this paper bag octopus craft!

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