i am moving to the spa

My parents had no concept of child labor laws…I started mowing the lawn with a riding lawnmower at the age of 6.

Yes, I said 6.

I made $3 each time I mowed the lawn…

usually on a Friday afternoon…

usually took several hours.

When I was 8 or so I decided that I needed to extend my skill set and I started ironing for 25 cents a shirt and cleaning the bathroom* for a dollar.

*My negotiation for cleaning the bathroom also included one demand…scrubbing bubbles.   My mother had a strict “if you saw it on TV we don’t buy it rule” that she made an exception for in the case of the bubbles.   I am now suspicious that she just was ready to hand off cleaning the bathroom and I could have also held out for a buck fifty.

I was so excited the first time I got to use the scrubbing bubbles.   I leaned over our pink tub, sprayed the white foamy stuff and sat back to watch the little animated scrub-brushes swirl around the tub in a counter-clockwise direction while leaving gleaming stars in their wake and then zoom down the drain.

I was a little disappointed that the ACTUAL scrubbing bubbles didn’t appear, but might admit to imagining they were there each time I cleaned the bathroom.

Fast forward 32 years:   *gasp* I was contacted to throw a party here in Dallas to announce a new scrubbing bubbles product for a small group of fellow bloggers at a spa.


Love the product,

love other bloggers,

love the spa.

The party was this weekend and it was a really, really, really good time.

The new Scrubbing Bubble Product helps moms fight the morning madness.   It is called Extend-A-Clean and you once you use it, it continues to work over the next few days.   I have found this incredibly helpful for a trouble area in my house…the boys’ sink which accumulates small glops of toothpaste at an alarming rate.   Once I used Extend-A-Clean on their sink, it was easier to rinse out the wayward paste.

The bloggers were greeted at the spa with this sign:

Wow. I was impressed with how legitimate they made me look.   It is amazing how a poster can convey credibility…who knew?

I am going to carry around that poster everywhere.


Like a business card…only I am not giving it away.


It was so fun to hang out with everyone:

photo stolen with permission from Texan Mama

* Amy – Living Locurto & IHeartFaces * Mariah –   Humphries Nation * Lynley –   Save The Phillips Family * Rebekah – DFW Mama * Candace – MamaMia * Angela * me * Gretchen – Who Put Me In Charge Of These People??? * Shauna – Blah Blah Blog * Rachel – Quirky Momma * Laurie – Tip Junkie * Bianca – Becoming Bianca * Cynthia – Oh So Cynthia * Kim – Savor The Days * not pictured Shannon – Milk and Cuddles & Lea Ann – Mommy’s Wish List *

And then there was the spa.

Four Seasons.

Enough said.

All in all it was a wonderful morning that I would be willing to repeat on a weekly basis…hint, hint to the Bubbles.


And the poster that lends credibility to my little blogging hobby…

…now resides on my mantle.


  1. i had the same disappointment when i was a kid — i really thought those scrubbing bubbles would come straight out of that can — and yes, i pretended they were there even though they weren’t

  2. Great minds….? or really warped ones.

  3. That’s it. I am so moving to Dallas.

    Dallas bloggers have all the fun.

    Or do they MAKE it?

  4. That sign was pretty cool. It was the focal point of conversation all morning. “Can those bubbles be used on children?” “How did that head get on Holly’s body?” “Which way to the massage room?”

    What a glorious morning. Thanks for having me!

  5. Oh please move…! Shauna and I both vote YES on that.

  6. Good Lord! The one shot that I made a comment then a face and they took the picture:) wonderful! It was so much fun though. And the bubbles on the kid freaked me out. I felt like I should flush his eyes for 3 minutes or whatever they tell you to do on the warning label.

    Thanks for thinkin about me girl!

  7. Well, where else should a poster of you promoting scrubbing bubbles while sporting a head that is not yours live, but in a place of honor on the mantle?

  8. I am hoping my body and the boy-that-is-not-mine are not actually bathing in Scrubbing Bubbles…ha!

  9. exactly.

  10. So is the mommy that’s not your head in the poster washing her child with scrubbing bubbles? It’ll keep my children cleaner longer? Now that’s a product I could get behind.

    (srsly? making my Target list now and adding new Bubbles)

  11. I think there is a little confusion on the issue…but I suspect you are like me and will try anything once…ha!

  12. That poster is AWESOME! I’m wondering..would it be terribly tacky to make that your Christmas card this year? I mean, that’s pretty impressive!

  13. GREAT idea. I think I am going to photoshop my head back on my body and change the boy into one of mine.

  14. Nice poster and I bet it would fit in your business card case.

  15. Wait! Stop the press! Alert the media! You cleaned the bathroom for a dollar?!

    I haven’t even finished reading the post yet… but i had to stop and ask do you still do that? Because I would pay that for someone to clean my bathroom. Happily. What do you charge for windows?

    Do you think I could get my kids to clean the bathroom? Or anything?

    this is the most amazing thing I’ve heard in awhile. Okay. off to read the rest of your post now.

  16. wow! I love the poster, it does make you look very important!

    I also love the picture of you all in white. You all look lovely and spa-like.

    Congratulations on the validation! And the scrubbing bubbles and everything.

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