potluck o’ junk

I haven’t thrown a potluck in awhile…

and that is just wrong.

For those of you recently tuning in:   Holly used to throw a potluck every Monday.

What is a potluck?

Let’s define it!

Pot-luck: Random thoughts of Holly.   Insanely branded.   Making no sense.

Let’s bring on the potluck music.

This is a potluck tribute to Alicia Keys who I had the opportunity to see on Friday…

I keep on potluckin’ in and out of love with you
Sometimes I love you
Sometimes you make me blue
Sometimes I feel good
At times I feel used
Loving you darling
Makes me so confused

I keep on potluckin’ in and out of love with you
I never loved someone the way that I loved you

Oh, Oh, I never felt this way
How do you give me so much pleasure
And cause me so much pain, yea yea
‘Cause when I think
I’m taking more than would a fool
And I start
potluckin’ back in love with you

I’m potluckin’
potluck, potluck, potluck

*Wow, did Holly just really re-publish the words to Fallin’ substituting the word Potluckin’?*

*This is SOME potluck.*

When I recently changed templates…and received this fancy upgraded look, we kinda forgot to reinstall Google Analytics.


And then Google changed some things around and I couldn’t even LOCATE Google Analytics.

What is up with that Google?

Why are you HIDING my account stuff…

So, I am turning this around a bit today, if you googled something crazy and ended up here…please leave a note in the comments.

*Wow, Holly is really phoning in this potluck.*

What is Up with Holly’s Coccyx?

Lately, all has been very good.

Just little twinges here and there…

especially on cloudy days.

I can predict the weather with my butt…

*Holy crap, this potluck is totally worthless.   Did Holly just say she could predict weather with her butt?   I am out. of. here.*

In response to Holly’s Animated Life:   Holly’s Dentist is Better Than Your Dentist

I have a rotary phone at work. Seriously. We call it the telephonasaurus.

–Bejewell from The Bean

Bejewell is on one of my favorite Twitter lists.   The list was created by Foolery of people that make her laugh.

Whenever I am bored on Twitter I click over to the comedian list and laugh.

*OK, that was a little better.   Maybe there will be something redeeming about this potluck.*

I felt really lucky last week because I won several online giveaways…good karma was headed in my direction.   One of them was this sweet springy basket of goodies that Kelli from Countin’ My Blessings put together in celebration of her 100th post.

She actually MADE the embellished hand towels…and they are just the cutest.

Thanks Kelli!

*Finally, this potluck are improving.*

Let’s find out What is in Holly’s Fruit Bowl!

Holly’s fruit bowl is partially filled with 1/2 plastic eggs…just the halves that don’t seem to have mates.   And it would just be wrong to put the hot pink half together with the yellow half or the blue half with the pale purple half.

And it would be an absolute travesty to put the “hard to find” egg halves together with the “dinosaur egg” halves even though they are exactly the same product except marketed in a different package.

And why the heck do I have so many halves?   Are they related to all the 1/2 pair of socks coming out of my dryer?

I am moving the fruit bowl further away from the laundry room…just in case the two are related.

*Mildly amusing and very potluck-y.*

Things that I am excited about but haven’t made a button for…

I just posted a really fun giveaway over Burb Mom that you only have to leave a comment to enter.

It is for the new How to Train Your Dragon Game for the DS.

My boys loved it so much they spent their own allowance on getting an additional copy.

THAT is good.   Click here for the Burb Mom giveaway.

Alrighty people, that is the potluck for today.   Thanks for hanging in until the end.   You deserve a medal.

*That is what she needs to do…make medals for those who complete the potluck.*

Maybe next week.

May your Monday be happy and the rest of your potlucks less tedious.


  1. So proud to say I know a celebrity! Don’t forget the little people, k? Also, so glad to hear a good update on your coccyx!! 😉

  2. Oh, just the afternoon pick me up I needed! So much better than the mini bottle of wine I was going to go with.


    And maybe we should get our fruit bowls together and let them mate. Some egg connections going on for sure.

  3. I got here by Googling “blog, humor, family.” I just started a blog and I’m trying to figure out what the heck kind it is so I can locate likeminded people. So far I’ve ruled out mercenaries-for-hire, the Conde Nast crowd, individuals who are emotionally bonded with livestock, opera aficionados and people who wear Brut.

    So clearly I did not do any of *those* searches to land here.

    And haven’t read yet what’s up with your coccyx, but glad it’s better. It is entirely possible that I have never, in fact, googled the word “coccyx.”

  4. Wow, Holly I think Shauna brought me to your blog. Also Love post like this.

  5. Sorry, no google here – I popped through from twitter. Happy I did so. How else would I have discovered your coccyx?? Indeed. 🙂

  6. This is my first stop at your blog…drawn to it with the fact that you are in Texas…the June Cleaver title…which I was given at my high school 10 year reunion, when I had three boys, and the fact you have three boys. I on the other hand had more with a total of five boys and one girl. I will be back to read through your blog!

  7. I am one of your dad’s students – we really enjoyed your presentation. Very informative and interesting. I never understood the complexities of blogging, from the business/networking side. I could of asked a ton more questions 😉 Plus I have three kiddos of my own and have enjoyed exploring your posts!

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