Here are our picks for the Top Pinterest Boards for Babies.  Babies love to play and I love Pinterest! This past week we have been focusing on babies, ways that they develop play, and activities for our one year olds.   I Love how I am able to go find inspiration of ways I can connect more meaningfully with my kids through browsing boards online. Here are our top ten baby boards. And, if any of you are curious, here is our board devoted to all things infant, Kids Activities Blog: Baby Play.   Make a bloggers day and leave a comment on one of the blogs featured in these Pinterest boards. pinterest boards for babies

Pinterest Boards for Babies

#1 – Deborah Stewart of Teach Preschool hosts, Baby and Toddler Play.   This board had nearly 60 ideas all about babies.   She has found lots of different sensory activities to help stimulate little minds. #2 – Cathy James of Nurture Store hosts, Baby Play.   This board is a great resource of activities that are developmentally targeted for infants to young tots. #3 – Rebecca Cooper of Simple as That hosts, Baby Stuff.   Looking for a comprehensive board with activities and products that you’ll *love*??   This is your go-to destination. #4 – Carissa Miller hosts another board called Baby Stuff.   This pinterest board is filled with tutorials of things you can create to make life with a newborn easier:   i.e. bibs, bath mats, swaddling clothes, cloth shoes, door stoppers – and SO much more! #5 – Deb Star of Learn with Play at Home hosts, Baby Play.   I appreciate how the activities she mentions are all simple, easy to recreate with items around the house! #6 – Amanda of Artsy Momma hosts, Creative Baby/Toddler.   This board has several edible paint recipes (and other sensory activities) for your children to enjoy. #7 – Rachelle of Tinkerlab hosts, Play {Babies}.   It is a collaborative board with several contributors.   It’s play ideas range from babies to older toddlers. #8 – Cerys Parker of Rainy Day Mum hosts, Baby and Toddler Play Ideas.   Wowsers this board is huge.   It has nearly 1000 different ideas of ways you can engage your child pinned so far!! #9 – Jennifer Harvey hosts, Another One Someday.   This board is great for pregnancy to welcoming a newborn.   It has tips for morning sickness, tutorials for carseat covers, ideas of things to get and do with your infant – a must read for every expectant mom. #10 – Allison McDonald of No Time for Flashcards hosts, Activities for Babies.   This board is great as it has an educational focus.   It features activities to help your child explore with a “learning” bent. #11 – Jamie Reimer of Hands On: As We Grow hosts, What Can Baby Do?   Another activity board with lots of great activities for crawling babies and tots! #12 – Angelique Felix hosts Baby Development. There are dozens of articles about baby development, songs to help your child learn and grow and ideas of ways to encourage them found in this pinterest board. #13 – Holly Homer has a board, If I had a baby… that pretty much sums up the idea – fun things to do and play with babies along with products now available that may not have been WAY back then!   Do you have a Pinterest board for babies?   We would love to hear about it!   Leave a link here or on the Kids Activities Blog facebook wall so we can check it out!

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