Winter is in full swing and if you live lucky enough to have snow, you are going to want to listen up!!

‘Swedish Lanterns’ Are The Winter Activity You Have To Do With The Entire Family!

Until today, I had no idea what a Swedish Lantern even was but I knew it was something I wanted to do with my family.

What Is A Swedish Lantern?

A Swedish Lantern is basically an igloo made out of snowballs stacked on top of each other. On the inside, there is some sort of candle or tea light that helps create a cool glowing affect.

How to Make A Swedish Lantern

You will need:

  • Snowballs
  • A small lantern, tea light, candle or flashlight.

Start by making about 25 snowballs and build them up like an igloo. If you want the snowballs to be the same size, I highly recommend this snowball maker.

Place a tea light or candle in the center and place snowballs around them.


Make sure the candle or light is on, and then take pictures or admire your Swedish Lantern.


Aren’t these just so cool?!

Now it just needs to snow here so I can make these with my kids. Crossing fingers it snows soon!!

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