What Is The ‘4 Gift Rule’ Everyone Is Talking About?

Christmas is nearing and that means holiday shopping is in full swing.

With that being said, you might have seen people on social media talking about the ‘4 Gift Rule‘ and it may have peaked your interest.

While the 4 Gift Rule isn’t for everyone, it truly is a great way to give gifts for the holidays without going over budget or causing any harm to your child’s development since experts believe too many gifts is harmful to children.

So, What Is The ‘4 Gift Rule’ Everyone Is Talking About?

The 4 Gift Rule is exactly what it sounds like – – 4 gifts. The rule is, the max is 4 gifts given to each child that fall into these categories:

  • Something they WANT
  • Something they NEED
  • Something they WEAR
  • Something they READ

What sort of gifts do you give for the 4 gift rule?

Something they want can be anything that would be on your child’s holiday shopping list. A toy, a game, etc. Basically anything they’d ask for from Santa.

Something they need can be anything such as socks, a new winter coat, new shoes, or even something for their room like a new decoration or a blanket.

Something they wear can also be similar to the one above. I like to gift a new pair of pajamas they can wear on Christmas Eve and into Christmas morning (it makes for cute pictures too!).

Something they read is pretty explanatory but a fun, new book is always perfect for this gift category. If you are looking for a holiday themed book or just something fun in general, you can grab a book here.

Now that you know what the 4 Gift Rule is, you can shop confidently knowing you are getting gifts your kids will love without breaking the bank for the holidays.


  1. We have always used the three-gift rule in our house. WE based it on the three gifts to Jesus. 1) For improvement of their world (, item to improve their world like coat, new outfit, shoes etc) the gold
    2) Something to enjoy (games, movie, books, something silly) the Frankensense
    3) something for the future (bike, scooter, summer trip) the Muir
    As they got older, my Mom restarted with the Grandchildren the Christmas book read around- we had started this from the time I was a teen, When my children were young, we always read a Christmas book for their age group. Their Favorite was Camile the camel and her version of the nativity.
    This is the best part of Christmas and how the children and grandchildren were able to connect Jesus with Christmas in a fun way. Not to mention improving their reading skills.
    My children have done this with their children, its so wonderful to see this practice carried forward. My children and grandchildren have a christmas book read around to this day in her memory.

  2. Kristen Yard says:

    I love that!

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