Lunch Box Activity with Odwalla Smoothies for Kids Ambassador

This lunch box activity is designed to inspire kids to pack their own lunch box with good food choices.   We were inspired by our ambassadorship to the world of Odwalla Smoothies.

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Yep, the Quirky Mommas are Odwalla Smoothie for Kids Ambassadors and hang out in Goodness Grove where they lead the EDUCATION area.   Please visit Goodness Grove and join in on the conversation!

It is back to school time and as a mom it is a bit overwhelming to tackle the challenge of sending my children to school with healthy lunches.

packing a healthy lunch with odwalla smoothies

My boys have been packing their own lunch boxes for several years.   It takes the pressure off of me in the morning {or the night before} and also gives them some responsibility in their food choices.   A few months ago, Kids Activities Blog explored the updated food pyramid guidelines in relation to how it would look for children’s portions:   My Plate for Kids.   I thought it would be fun to rearrange the colorful shapes into a lunchbox template as a visual guideline for packing a balanced school lunch.

lunch box food guide - my plate

Lunch box guide

The Lunchbox guide diagram above is loosely based on the My Plate government guidelines – please don’t get out a ruler!  

I thought it was useful as a checklist to have the boys make sure that all the elements of a good lunch are packed:

  • Good size portion of grains and vegetables
  • Slightly smaller portions of fruits, protein and dairy

Lunch box activity

Each day I have the boys check to see if all of the food groups are represented in their lunchboxes.   They can mix and match their favorite foods and still see that proportion of food is important.

Today Ryan packed in his lunch box:

  1. Fruit:   Odwalla Smoothies for Kids* – Strawberry Banana Jungle
  2. Dairy:   Jalapeno cheese stick
  3. Protein:   Hummus
  4. Grains:   Crackers
  5. Vegetables:   Carrot sticks

*Odwalla Smoothies for Kids contains 100% juice and counts as one serving of fruit along with providing 50% Daily Value of Vitamin C.

Odwalla Smoothies for Kids

They are gluten-free and made with no added sugar.   They are perfect for this lunchbox activity because they are packaged to easily toss into a school-bound bag.   You can find them in the refrigerated section in your local grocery store.

Did I mention that my kids love them?

odwalla lunch box activity

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Official Sweepstakes Rules.

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