This is not a story for the weak. or eating… If you fall in either category, please look at this pretty picture and I will see you back here tomorrow. You are excused. For those brave enough to stay, I have made a handy dandy list of things I have recently learned while washing clothes. Things Holly now knows to be true about laundry:
  1. Poop does not dissolve in the washer.
  2. Poop does not dissolve in the dryer after being washed in the washer.
  3. Washing poop does not make it cleaner.
  4. Drying poop does not improve anything.   Period.
  5. Once poop has been washed and dried then the washer and dryer need to be washed and dried.
  6. It is easier to wash a washer than a dryer.
  7. Holly proposes self-cleaning dryers…it has become standard with ovens.
  8. Holly proposes a warning on Bounce dryer bars:   Do not dry poop while using this productit could compromise the product lifespan.
  9. Boys can not be trusted to deposit poop-free clothing in the clothes hamper.
  10. She is never getting back the hour and 1/2 portion of her life that she devoted to this load of laundry.

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  1. I’ve been know to throw underwear out. I can’t handle the poop. Oy! Hope this becomes a distant memory for you soon.

  2. I knew about the washer, but not the dryer. I NEVER want to know any more about poop in dryers. So sorry you had to find out.

  3. Oh my….you just never know, do you? : ) My sister’s boy once allowed her the privilege of washing a small frog he’d left in his pocket. You can only imagine…..

  4. Oh the places you’ll go!

    (I found a bleached, formerly black ant in the washer yesterday. Ants turn lavender pink when bleached.)

  5. Oh yes…the memories this brings back. Of course you do realize that when they become teenagers you will be washing other things they leave in pockets ( I’m not assuming that the poop was in a pocket here…I don’t even want to know where the poop was) I’m just letting you know that condoms, lighters, cigarettes, other smokable things (not that your teens will ever do such things…mine certainly didn’t) don’t go through the laundry process easily either. Of course, they do not take as long to clean up and it does keep you on top of what your sweet angelic children are up to….Again…I’m not saying my children were like this…or that yours will be either. Just saying….poop has it’s advantages.

    1. I knew most of this. The Bounce dryer bar was a good tip though. And again, I’m very sorry you had to learn this.