Elmer’s Released Scented Glue Sticks So Your Child’s Homework Can Smell Amazing

Teachers everywhere might just start hearing the old excuse, “My dog ate my homework” because with this new school supply item, it actually might happen.

Why? Because Scented Glue Sticks exist.

Yes, Elmer’s Released Scented Glue Sticks So Your Child’s Homework Can Smell Amazing and I am still asking myself if this is actually a good thing…

For starters, let’s hope kids really don’t think these smell good enough to eat. I mean, they are nontoxic but still…

According to the description, you can Inspire your child’s imagination with Elmer’s Scented Glue Sticks! With fun scents, your little learner will be delighted as they work on their next school project.

Elmer’s Glue Sticks are a fun way to attach items to paper, display board, foam board, photos, and much more. Featuring a washable, safe, and nontoxic formula, it’s no wonder why Elmer’s school glue is perfect for kids in the classroom and at home. Warning, choking hazard. This toy is not suitable for children under 3 years; it contains small parts.

The four scents include: Sugar Cookie, Blueberry Muffin, Apple Pie and Watermelon.

If your kids likes those scented markers, this might just be for them. I am not sure how much teachers will appreciate these being donated to their classrooms this year but hey, it’s worth a try right?

You can grab the Elmer’s Scented Glue Sticks from Walmart for less than $3 here.

Happy Scented Crafting!

Need a little extra fun this summer?

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