What are your vacation essentials when you’re packing for a trip with the kids? Space is always limited in our suitcases but I always like to make sure I have something to keep the children entertained wherever we are, and whatever the weather.

Packing for a Playful Trip

My number one item I always make sure we have is… chalk! It’s small, light, easy to transport and so versatile that the kids can use it in lots of playful ways. Just having this one added ingredient means we can turn any place in to a play space – using whatever materials the holiday location gives us. We were on an island of the Welsh coast last week where the local stone is slate. Just right for making pebble people with our chalk. Bringing the stones to life with chalk faces gave my girls some colorful characters to tell stories with and use as props in their play. Pack some chalk and you could also: Playful possibilities, wherever you are.

Tell me your kids’ vacation essential.

What’s the one thing you make sure to pack for a playful holiday?
The Quirky Mommas have a few more fun ideas for traveling with kids:

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  1. I have a stash of blow up beach balls ( blow them up/ deflate when returning home). And we have a collapsible tunnel that doesn’t take up much space either.

  2. What a fun idea! I never thought to bring chalk on vacation with us!
    I always bring Wonder Markers – they love using markers and I don’t have to worry about the mess we might leave somewhere.