Caterpillars On a Stick

My four-year-old recently had a play date at our house.   He was so excited about having all of his friends over to play.   I, on the other hand, was worried about a million different things.   What if someone got hurt, or in a squabble?   What if they were bored?   What if mommy needed a glass of wine half-way through the play date?

I wanted to have some fun snacks for the kids.   So, I decided to make these caterpillars.   (My group was all boys, but you could make these into lady bugs or butterflies very easily.)


Green grapes  (my grapes were pretty small and it still turned out okay)
Bamboo skewers
Cold icing
Mini chocolate chips

caterpillar on a stick recipe ingredients

First, I put about 6 grapes onto the skewer to make the caterpillar body.   My four-year-old helped with this and LOVED it.

Then, because my group was still young, I cut the skewers down and removed the pointed edge

remove pointed edges from skewer

Next, I took the icing pack out of the fridge and made two eyes and topped them off with two mini-chocolate chips.

caterpillar treat made with grapes and icing

Serve immediately.   (I waited too long and the eyes started to melt a bit, even though they were refrigerated until I served them.   It didn't seem to bother the kids.)

Here was our final tray of caterpillars:

caterpillar grapes on a stick

The kids loved these and I loved them because they were so simple to make and a great healthy snack.


  1. Those are adorable and a great way to make a healthy snack fun. 🙂

  2. Those are adorable! My 5 year old would love them.

  3. These are extremely cute and easy. I made them with my kindergarten kids and they loved them. Thanks

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