My youngest son is OBSESSED with cars so much in fact, that he is convinced he will own a green Lamborghini one day. I mean, who am I to tell him he can’t?!

So, as soon as I saw this Hot Wheels Cookie Garage which is basically a Hot Wheels Gingerbread Garage Cookie Kit, I knew I had to get it for him.

This Hot Wheels Cookie Kit allows you to build your own garage out of edible gingerbread cookies, frosting and candy!

It also contains cut outs to use as decoration.

Once you are done building, you can display it or even allow your kids to munch on it (it will probably be quite hard though).

I found this Hot Wheels Garage Cookie Kit at my local Walmart for $12.98 although I’ve seen it many other retailers too!

I cannot find it online so it must be an in-store exclusive so hit up your local store to see if you can find one.

Oh, and if you have a daughter, check out this Barbie Cookie Dreamhouse Kit! So cute!

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