I have quite a passion for bunting. We have some in our garden and our kitchen all year round and every birthday is greeted with a little extra – we even took some with us to deck out our tent on a recent camping trip. To me it just makes everywhere looks so joyful, bringing a little bit of party to the everyday. Making your own bunting is lots of fun and with this idea for super quick bunting from kids art there’s no reason not to deck the halls with some festive cheer. If you’re in a hurry you could make a set of bunting in less than ten minutes, or take your time and enjoy all the doodling to make your patterns. It’s a no sew bunting too, which is good for me!

How to Make Quick Bunting

We stared by laying out a long piece of paper on our table. We used some decorators’ lining paper, which is robust enough to last a party or two but very economical. Then the drawing began, which is a fun activity all the children can join in with. The beauty of making your own bunting is you can go with any colour and pattern you like, and customise it to suit the occasion.
  • use wax crayons or paints for vibrant color
  • for a birthday tea party, use cookie cutters to stamp a design
  • for a racing themed party, use toy cars and wheel them through paint and then all over your paper
  • for a family reunion, stick on photos of all the guests who are attending
Once your design is finished, fold up the paper to make it easier and quicker to cut out your pennants. The width of our roll of wallpaper folded into thirds. Then simply take some scissors and cut out your triangles. You don’t need to be too precise about getting all the sizes to match exactly, as the folded paper means they will all turn out roughly equal. Once all your flags are cut out the quickest and easiest way to assemble the bunting is to simply staple them onto a string or ribbon. Then you’re done and can string up the bunting and let the party begin.
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  1. What a great idea to use and display some of that art!

    I run a business called Little Artist which takes the special drawings children have made, scans them and creates a collage which is then printed and framed. We print onto white cotton tea towels too!

    Check out our store at “ http://www.littleartist.co.nz.

  2. What a flabby way to “use” some of my girls’ creations, that would otherwise have made it to the recycling bin!