Balloon People

These are my daughter’s new friends at home- Balloon People or Balloon Friends, as she calls them.

Best part of this is that she designed them all.

She has had a lot of balloons in her room for her 4th birthday.

She has made some balloon drawings on some of those.

And one of the balloon drawings she made had faces on it and I got an idea to further extend it. So I cut facial features from craft foam in various shapes. Here is the lot I cut…

Then invited putti and told her my idea about turning some the balloons into people by adding facial features.

She loved it and started going through the parts I had cut. She did ask me to cut eye balls, teeth that I had missed out. Then she was all set.  She applied some school glue to the craft foam…

And glued them on the balloon, it was kinda slippery, but soon she got a hold of it.

This is her first balloon friend.

The white glue dries clear so don’t worry.

Here it is after it dried.

These are some of the other balloon people she created…

These balloon friends have encouraged lots of pretend play too. We have had lots of pretend birthdays with each of her new friend getting a party hat/ crown.

Don’t they all look cute ?


You could use the craft foam with a sticky back too, makes it much easier, no need for glue. And I think this can be a fun activity for kids and adults at any party.

This Post was written by Roopa, mother of a beautiful 4yr girl and the author of the blog Putti Prapancha, which literally means ‘Putti’s World’ She shares fun artsy ideas and simple crafts for kids that she and her daughter ‘Putti’ enjoy doing together. Most of her ideas dont require a trip to the craft store, they use everyday material to create art. You can find her on facebook,  google+, twitter .  


    1. Thank you! It was so much fun putting them together:)

  1. I Love your Balloon People! So FUN! I know my daughter would enjoy this! Balloons have been on my mind since doing our sculptures…we may decorate balloons today with faces and like your drawing on balloons!

    1. Thanks:) I am sure your girl would love thsi too, cant wait to see what u both come up with !!

  2. HappyCampers says:

    SO CUTE! Saving this idea for when I hear “I’m BORED!” one too many times….

    1. Hope your kids have fun just like mine did:) Thank you.

  3. I like it very much! So cute..we do it in our classroom

    1. Thank you! Hope ur kids find it fun too. You can use the foam sticker sheet too and avoid glue 🙂

  4. A nice one. I like Your balloon people. You done a nice job in creating balloon faces. One can also try your idea in classes. I really appreciate your job, nice work done.

    1. Thank you! Glad you like it and want to try with kids in your class. Hope they enjoy creating these..

  5. I love this! My boys love balloons, but we haven’t had any out in a long time. This is a great winter (or rainy day) activity. I’m pinning it right now!!

    1. Thank you for the pin! Yes, it can be a great rainy (sunny day for us floridians) day activity too.

  6. She really must have gotten a lot of balloons for her birthday to still be making thing with balloons. These are very cute. She’s very creative.

  7. These are AWESOME!! What a fun, clever idea =-) I shared with my readers on Facebook. Thanks for linking up to TGIF! Have a great week,
    Beth =-)

  8. i love this idea! we are ding an activity with balloons tomorrow…maybe on friday we will do a follow up activity and make balloon people! I just discovered your blog from the show and tell and love it! thanks forsharing!!!

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