Try hard to contain your excitement because today, September 8th, is National Ampersand Day! As always, we’re celebrating with cool zentangle patterns for kids – this time we’re doing an “&” zentangle!

ampersand sign
Zentangles are a fun way for kids of all ages to develop creativity, focus, motor skills and color recognition.

You might wonder, what is “ampersand”? In short words, it’s “&”.

In other words… An ampersand sign, or ampersand symbol, is a graphic representation of the Latin “et” which translates to “and.”

Random fact of the day: Did you know this symbol used to be the last letter of the alphabet?

What is National Ampersand Day?

To be honest, there isn’t a big reason other than to acknowledge and applaud the existance of this ancient symbol! It’s so old, that we believe it deserves its own day.

September 8th is National Ampersand Day! Why? Well… why not?!

This special day was created in 2015 by Chaz DeSimone, founder of Amper Art, & that’s how an ampersand holiday was born.

A little bit of ampersand history: The ampersand has been used from the 1st century AD.

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ampersand symbol
Ampersand National Day is definitely one of the strangest holidays we know about! So let’s teach our children all about ampersand’s history with a fun printable!

Nowadays, the ampersand character is mostly used as punctuation in informal writing, like taking notes. You have probably also seen it used in company names like Johnson & Johnson.

This gliph is so common that all our keyboards have this ampersand symbol!

Free Ampersand Sign Zentangle

Now that we know the history behind this bizarre (but awesome!) holiday, let’s make some art!

Color this zentangle to celebrate Ampersand national day!

Use your skills to color our free ampersand symbol zentangle.

Zentangles are a relaxing way to create beautiful images by drawing or coloring structured patterns. It’s a way of making art that both children and adults can enjoy together.

I love zentangles because they don’t require much prep; just grab your colored pencils, fine markers or gel pens, and start coloring!

We also have simple coloring pages for zentangle beginners. It’s perfect for children who are just becoming familiar with zentangle art.

Download here:

ampersand gliph
This ampersand zentangle is completely free and can be printed at home in minutes.

Want More Free Coloring Pages? Try These:

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