American Girl Created One-Of-A-Kind Dolls To Honor Pandemic Heroes and I Want Them All

American Girl has long taught kids everywhere about history through their dolls, books, and more. Now they’re acknowledging that we’re living through a moment in history with some new dolls that recognize some very important people: front-line pandemic heroes.

American Girl honored five front-line pandemic workers with some custom dolls. Source: American Girl

The Mattel-owned company recently put a call out for their Heroes with Heart contest. They wanted to know from kids: who has been an outstanding hero in your life during this pandemic? The response was absolutely enormous with more than 1,000 nominations.

Source: American Girl

I can’t believe how hard it must have been to narrow down all those wonderful submissions full of people who have sacrificed so much to take care of others in this unprecedented time. As a spokesperson told CNN:

“Our criteria points of originality, being heartfelt in nature and fitting the contest theme helped us narrow it down, but truly every submission was moving and it’s wonderful to hear of all the real-life community heroes around us.”

Source: American Girl

When they managed to narrow it down, they chose five winners. Those winners received a custom doll in their likeness — including a one-of-a-kind outfit — as well as a $200 American Girl gift card. And those unique dolls are pretty special, as they honor people who have made an enormous difference not only to the people who nominated them but to their communities.

Source: American Girl

The American Girl dolls honor April, a paramedic; Xavier, a grocery store worker who has asthma; Pam, a teacher; Sarah, a nurse assistant; and Laurent, a pilot who flew, voluntarily, a team of doctors to Haiti to help Covid-19 patients.

Source: American Girl

While these dolls are truly one of a kind (as they’re not available for purchase), you can learn more about the Heroes with Heart contest on the American Girl website.

Source: American Girl

The contest dolls aren’t the only way that American Girl is honoring pandemic workers. People can also buy a #ThankYouHeroes Scrubs outfit, which includes a pair of pink scrubs pants and paint splatter scrubs top; pair of slip-on shoes; and a fabric face mask. The limited-edition American Girl doll scrubs are $24, and for every purchase American Girl will donate a doll craft activity book to the First Responders Children’s Foundation. What a wonderful way of honoring, and supporting, so many of our essential workers.

Source: American Girl

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