The first day of school for kindergarten students can already be overwhelming in a normal year. This year, with social distancing measures, masks, and more, it is likely going to be a rough transition for the newest students.

But we all know that teachers are brilliant, creative people, and kindergarten teachers are even a more special kind. They introduce children to school and loving learning, and their patience level? Top notch!

Courtesy of Maybe I’ll Shower Today on Facebook, original photos by Jennifer Birch Pierson

It’s no wonder that kindergarten teachers are adapting to the new rules in the most warm and inviting way. One teacher has really figured out an amazing way to make her classroom shine amidst social distance guidelines.

Jennifer Birch Pierson, a kindergarten teacher in Texas, has the best idea to make her room a little more inviting when plastic shield on desks are part of the new decor. Shared by her friend’s blog, Maybe I’ll Shower Today on Facebook, Pierson turned each of her desks into a little truck.

As the post shares, “No playing. Masks all day. Six feet apart at all times. School seems like a frightening place, when you read about all the safety measures kids will have to adhere to this year.”

The plastic desk shields transform to become the windshields of the trucks, and decorated sides and front turn each one into a different colored truck. Even with the desks spaced properly, her room seems so much more cheerful and welcome!

Teacher creativity is always amazing and we know this year is making things even toucher. We should all be thankful for teachers like Ms. Pierson, who do their best daily to support our littlest learners.

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