When it’s spring, do you dream of summer – freedom from strict routines, more fun and less work, being that amazing mom with the cool summer activities that the kids love… You know – the ones they don’t even realize are helping them learn and developing their natural talents?

Do you promise yourself that this time, this summer will finally be the one that doesn’t dissolve into chaos – bored kids, messy house, feeling exhausted, irritable and like the worst parent in the world?

Camp Mom: Summer Activities Pack is the secret tens of thousands of moms use every year to create the best summer for their kids – and themselves – without taking tons of time or costing a lot of money.

You reassure yourself it’s impossible or a fluke, but you see those other moms – the ones that always look rested, like they have time to brush their teeth and their hair, with the kids that chatter happily as they show you the cute thing they made yesterday?

If it weren’t for them, you could believe it’s an impossible goal, something you only see on TV. But there they are, with all the things you have to deal with and the same 24 hours in a day, proving that it can be done.

Compost soup activity

If you’ve tried planners or other systems in the past that didn’t work, it’s NOT your fault. 

Most of these are created by a single author whose only experience is what worked for them, with their kids and their family in their environment… if they even did it themselves at all.

Sadly, some ‘systems’ are ripped-off compilations of made-up activities that are expensive, overcomplicated, or simply do very little to encourage development and only kill time instead.

The Camp Mom: Summer Activities Pack is totally different. It was created by a group of early education experts for children ages 2 to 9 and continually passes the most difficult test of all: being used successfully by tens of thousands of REAL families, year after year.

Every grandparent will tell you how time flies and before you know it, the kids are grown and gone. With the Camp Mom: Summer Activities Pack you’ll make the most of summer while creating precious memories for yourself and your children. Even if summer has already begun… or begun to spin out of control, it’s not too late to turn it around. 

I’ve been in your shoes, spending hours searching for new ways to entertain the kids that are simple, inexpensive and can be used for all the kids.


We all know that planning and routines are the keys to success, but even the best activities might not stand up to changing moods, energy levels, or unexpected conflicts between children.

This is why the Camp Mom: Summer Activities Pack is designed to be versatile – because real life isn’t always predictable.

  • Summer Routine Sheet – the best way save time by combining your tasks and the kids activities
  • Printable, easy-to-use printable Adventure and Activity Planner – because planning shouldn’t take longer than the activities you’re planning for.
  • Over 45 play activities in a variety of themes
  • Carefully selected for their open-ended design that works for a wide range of ages
  • Independent play and bonding time
  • Adventure ideas and tips great for the backyard or exploring your community
  • Reading recommendations 
  • Bucket List – never miss something you really want to do, and the secret to never having to hear ‘I’m bored’ again!

We’ve added some special bonuses if you act now:

  • How to Plan for a Mindful Summer
  • How to Keep the Peace Between Siblings
  • How to Put Together a Basic Summer Art Kit
  • 20 MORE Art Ideas
  • How to Get the Most Out of Museum Field Trips
  • How to Discuss Art with Kids
  • Sensory Play Any Day activities
  • Kitchen Sensory Fun
  • And more!

It’s your choice. You can:

#1: Do nothing… knowing that doing nothing doesn’t make it better

#2: Spend more hours and days trying to piece it together yourself, hoping you’re making the best choices

#3: Let us do the hard work for you – in fact, we already have!

All you need to do is purchase, download and print the Camp Mom: Summer Activities Pack…

Follow the easy instructions…

And go enjoy your summer!

Camp Mom: Summer Activities Pack

Buy Now For Only $9.99!

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