One of the hardest parts of returning to work when my oldest was born wasn’t just leaving her with a sitter. It was also finding a bottle that she would take! We tried so many different kinds and styles. I only wish that I had known about Mimijumi. Parents are raving about these baby bottles, and it’s not hard to see why.

The nipples of Mimjumi baby bottles come in different shades that resemble skin tones. Source: Mimijumi

What Makes These Baby Bottles So Unique

Mimijumi designed their baby bottles to make it easier for babies to make the transition to bottle feeding. One way the bottles do that: the baby can control the flow and amount of milk, because of the nipple’s design. The design of the bottle also helps to prevent colic and gas, because of the bottle’s shape.

Source: Mimijumi

But that’s not all. One of the coolest features of the Mimijumi bottles: you can choose among a few colors for the bottle top/nipple . In other words, they come in a variety of skin tones.

While not everyone agrees about nipple confusion, it’s pretty nice that a product out there exists that can potentially make the transition to bottle feeding easier. Because when it comes to newborns, every little bit helps! As one dad shared in an Amazon review, after struggling to find a bottle that worked for his baby, “[This bottle] was the most natural looking bottle and nipple. I’ve used it several times and she has taken it every single time with no problems.”

Source: Mimijumi

Or as one mom said, “We’ve literally tried every bottle for our daughter who exclusively breastfeeds. She would just get into a fit of hysterics everytime we introduced one to her. Finally, I caved in and took the plunge with mimijumi. She never even put up a fight!”

Other important things to note about these baby bottles: they’re BPA free, and you can stick them on the top rack of your dishwasher! That’s two more big points for these bottles.

Source: Mimijumi

The Mimijumi bottles are available straight from the brand, Walmart, and Amazon. Depending on the bottle size, the price ranges from around $30 a bottle to more than $50 (for a set of two).

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