I know it seems like forever ago, but when everything started shutting down, schools were right in the middle of spring break. Teachers and kids thought they would be out for a week and it turned out that they never went back.  Some schools had already had theirs, or were about to go on vacation. Teachers have reported still full cups of coffee on their desks, and schoolwork left out, half finished– that the kids were supposed to get to the next day.  It was sort of like life just paused, and watching this teacher walk back into her classroom for the first time since her school was closed down shows us just how big of an effect this pause had on her.  “This is hard,” She says, through tears.  “I didn’t know what to expect.” Seeing her empty classroom with all the chairs and the stuff from March written on the board is chilling. “Your teachers miss you.”

First time walking into my classroom. This is somewhat embarrassing ##teachersoftiktok ##tiktokteachers ##JustDanceMoves ##dinoday ##AXEfingersdown ##fyp

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And they do.  

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