This Popular ‘Loft’ Tiny House is Finally Available in the U.S. and I Need It

Whether you’re looking for a tiny house or a small living area for somewhere in your yard, Koda Loft has an amazing option… and it’s finally coming to the U.S.!

This timber loft house from the Estonia-based company has been super popular in Europe. Now, after U.S. customers kept asking for it, Koda decided to start selling this house in the U.S. this summer. 

Tiny house
Source: Kuusmaa

So what makes this tiny house so special? For starters, the 310-square-foot house arrives already built. Yep, it’s a house that requires no assembly. It’s made with a steel-reinforced timber frame, plywood-lined walls and ceilings, and laminate flooring. Windows at the back also make sure you get maximum sunlight. 

Tiny house interior
Source: Kuusmaa

Clocking in at just 5.5 tons, it can also be transported by trailer. That said, make sure to hire a crane to put this tiny house in just the right spot. It was designed to be hooked up to certain amenities. To ensure those amenities work, choose a flat spot for the house, where it can be connected to electricity, water, and sewage easily. 


The customizable house also has everything a house needs in terms of living area — as long as you’re a minimalist! The rooms include a kitchen, bathroom, living room, and an upstairs bedroom. The kitchen is fully equipped with a fridge, induction cooktop, sink, counters, and cabinets. As for outdoor space, this tiny house even comes with a tiny patio too.

Source: Kuusmaa

As if all of this doesn’t sound fabulous enough, it’s also built with LED lights as well as electrically-heated floors on the first floor. That’s exactly what I need during a Midwest Winter! But it also has windows that can open, both in the kitchen and upstairs bathroom, perfect to let in some fresh air. 

While it is pre-made and ready for you to live in, when you order you can customize the color of the exterior and interior finishes. You can also, if you want, add in a dishwasher or washing machine. In other words, you can totally make it your own before it even arrives.

Source: Kuusmaa

Seriously, this house may be small, but it has everything you need. Live a minimalist life in it… or make it a guest house! What you use it for is totally up to you. 

What’s this tiny house going to cost you? That depends on where you’re located. Contact Koda here for more info! 

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