The day of big hair

The 80s was MY hair decade.   No matter how I did my hair, it resulted in big hair.

Big hair was socially acceptable.   Big hair was celebrated.   Big hair was IN.

I was in big hair heaven.

Then came the 90s and so I did what any self-respecting big hair girl had to do…

I moved to Texas.

Big hair was socially acceptable.   Big hair was celebrated.   Big hair was IN.

But even in the land of big hair, eras end.

Thankfully, a little invention called the straightener teamed up with massive amounts of hair product to allow my normal-size-challenged hair to be…well, normal sized.

But each year when Halloween rolls around, I seem to gravitate back to my big hair roots (get it?   It is a hair joke!) and find some reason for backcombing.

Last year it was as an 80s Bridesmaid.

Holly as an 80s bridesmaid

This year I went as Grease’s post-makeover Sandy.

Might I add that I am much more BEFORE Sandy than AFTER…big hair is pretty much all I have in common with AFTER Sandy.

I called up Splurge Salon and begged Jenna to help me aspire to this:

Before she started she had one question…

Do you have the pants?

Yes.   I have the pants.

And so she proceeded.

Holly and Jenna at Splurge Salon


Very nice.

Oh, except it was BIG and it was only 2 pm…

My costume party wasn’t until 7.   I had BIG HAIR for the rest of the day.   I skipped the errands I had planned because my hair was too big.   Skipping errands because your hair is too big is totally legitimate.

The other thing I had planned was to attend the local early evening Tweet Up.

Yes, these are people that only know me online and have NO CLUE that my hair isn’t always big.   So, I sent out a warning tweet:

Big hair tweet

The good news is that by the time of the Tweet Up my hair-do had a slightly decreased radius.

Oh! And despite my hair, I won the door prize – a brand new Buick provided by GM Texas:

Holly wins new car with big hairLet me show you my new car!

Holly wins new Buick with big hair courtesy of GM

Ya, my hair isn’t the only thing that won’t fit into it.

I took my new car and drove home to get dressed for the party.

Holly as AFTER Sandy from Grease

I know Jenna will be relieved to see that I actually do have the pants and didn’t slip on a poodle skirt instead.   It was a really fun evening.   The next morning I sent out the following message to my long-suffering Tweet Up friends…

Big Hair post party tweet


  1. You look hot! I LOVE big Texas hair!

  2. Don’t sweat big hair. In a few more years you will look in the mirror and long for the day you had so much hair.

  3. I have almost that much big hair every day…on my legs. 🙂 Great costume.

  4. Love it!

    Being an Arkansas native, I appreciate the big hair. And I might possibly have used velcro rollars and a teasing comb on my two year old’s delicate locks yesterday morning to make her look just right for her Halloween costume party at preschool….

  5. OMG! I think I wore that bridesmaid dress for real! In 1989! Was the skirt all short in front and flow-y in back?? And my hair was *at least* that big! I’m gonna find a picture!

    ps – I’m waiting for Julia Roberts circa Pretty Woman hair to come back. I nailed it!

  6. Holly, you’re one beautiful woman. That last picture is especially striking. Love the pants.

    Makes me want to dress up and look good myself today!

  7. You are so cool!
    I love the post-makeover sandy… I had big hair on Saturday, but it was for an 80’s themed party. Had I known you were a supporter of the BHI (Big hair initiative) I’d have invited you… (though, to board the plane it would probably be best to assemble larger than life hair after arriving, as airline seats are closer together and all… unless you feel they’d take pity and bump one with big hair to first class…)

  8. You look fabulous! And those pants! If I could fit into those, I’d wear them everyday.

    I still can’t get over the idea the Big Hair is “out” in Texas, though. What is the world coming to?

  9. Ha! That’s some cool hair and some sexy pants!!

    I did the same thing (well 80’s that is) We were revenge of the nerds… my husband was the nerd, I was the cheerleader with some big 80’s hair. It’s sad when you’re so old you have to explain that Revenge of the Nerds was a movie to some people.

  10. Holly, you’re in Texas that isn’t BIG hair! hehehe

    You look great in your “Sandy” costume. Makes me want to tease my hair and grab some tight black pants! 🙂

  11. Just love the big hair. I may do some big hair tonight for my referee costume. Ok – maybe not.

  12. Love the costume idea, and the hair is perfect!

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