While everyone is so hung up on other aspects of the Super Bowl, I have now moved onto talking about better things… Can We Talk About J. Lo’s 11-Year Old Daughter and How She Killed Her Duet? In case you missed the Super Bowl Halftime Show last night you should know that J. Lo’s very own daughter, Emme appeared on stage to perform a duet with her momma. She is 11-years-old and she performed at Super Bowl. Isn’t that amazing?! That little girl can SING and according to Jennifer Lopez, she gets her talented voice from her dad, Marc Anthony. In an interview, she also went onto to say that Emme has always sung and even when she was a baby, would hum in her crib. Personally, I think she actually looks and sounds a lot like J. Lo. Either way, she is quite adorable. Emme performed ‘Lets Get Loud’ song on stage and then went into the ‘Born in The USA’ song on stage with her momma and Shakira. It really was the highlight of the performance if you ask me. 
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I love when Lulu visits me at rehearsals…. #rehearsalbelike ?? 5 DAYS!!!!

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I seriously cannot wait to see what comes from this little girl. She’s going to do great things, I just know it! You can check out her performance in the video below. 

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  1. In response to Kylie—I’m guessing you don’t let your kids watch football on Sundays since the cheerleaders wear LESS than JLO did and move just as provocatively if not worse. Guessing it’s okay because they do it in English.

  2. Sorry…couldn’t and won’t get past an 11 y.o. among other children being involved in an inappropriate show. If the little girl can sing, that wasn’t the place to showcase it! Where are the females that decry that a male shouldn’t comment on her appearance because that’s offensive? This show wasn’t for children, should not have involved children and it certainly didn’t impower or celebrate woman as much as Lopez wants to spin that arguement. Her and her counterpart showed off enough skin to excite even a 90 y.o.male. and that’s exactly what they had in mind. Gimme a break! Oh by the way, lip syncing and pre recorded tracks. Nothing but a Jay-Z social media production.