When Michael Clark Jr. was helping his foster parents plan his adoption day, he wanted to invite his whole kindergarten class for the best reason.  He told his new dad, “You know, the class is kind of my family.” His teacher at Wealthy Elementary School in East Grand Rapids, Michigan, made it happen and on Thursday, she and his classmates waved red hearts and watched as Michael was officially adopted by his foster parents, Andrea Melvin and Dave Eaton. “We began the school year as a family,” said his teacher, Kerry McKee. “Family doesn’t have to be DNA, because family is support and love.” Kindergarten Class Attends Adoption hearing Michael’s classmates each introduced themselves to Judge Patricia Gardner, and told them why they were in her courtroom, and why they loved Michael too. “The lesson is put a little love in your heart,” said Ms. McKee. “We rise when we support others.” Michael has lived with his foster parents for a year and, after Thursday, is now a part of their forever family just before the holidays.  He love to dance, swim, play basketball and soccer, and especially spent time with his friends. For one special kindergarten class, this will always be a field trip to remember.

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  1. I overwhelmed.

    Not just by the boy but also by the parents… They are good people…. The heart does not know color…. Only the eyes…but when we work with our good hearts by doing good our eyes will see all humans no matter their color as the same….I am most grateful to the court and the judiciary system of the united states….child right act of the united states is the best in the world. Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations lil man on your forever family. And props to the teacher for teaching our young children to have empathy and love I their hearts..

  3. With heartfelt blessings I couldn’t read the whole story it made me cry HAPPY Tears as I am at work . This is a beautiful story I ?love it ??

  4. What a fantastic story. Thanks to the teacher and students who witnessed the adoption. Congratulations to the new parents. A family of love. God bless you all forever .???????

  5. This was a wonderful story , it brought tears to my eyes! Congratulations on finding your forever family! And what a wonderful teacher to help his most precious day also be surrounded by friends! That’s love ??