A Kindergarten Boy Invited His Entire Class to His Adoption and My Heart Is Full

When Michael Clark Jr. was helping his foster parents plan his adoption day, he wanted to invite his whole kindergarten class for the best reason.  He told his new dad, “You know, the class is kind of my family.”

His teacher at Wealthy Elementary School in East Grand Rapids, Michigan, made it happen and on Thursday, she and his classmates waved red hearts and watched as Michael was officially adopted by his foster parents, Andrea Melvin and Dave Eaton.

“We began the school year as a family,” said his teacher, Kerry McKee. “Family doesn’t have to be DNA, because family is support and love.”

Kindergarten Class Attends Adoption hearing

Michael’s classmates each introduced themselves to Judge Patricia Gardner, and told them why they were in her courtroom, and why they loved Michael too.

“The lesson is put a little love in your heart,” said Ms. McKee. “We rise when we support others.”

Michael has lived with his foster parents for a year and, after Thursday, is now a part of their forever family just before the holidays.  He love to dance, swim, play basketball and soccer, and especially spent time with his friends.

For one special kindergarten class, this will always be a field trip to remember.


  1. This must be one of those good days for those magistrates.

  2. Cathy Adams says:

    Congratulations ?
    I thought that was a great idea he came up with. I’m so happy for that family. God bless them.Hugs and Prayers to them.????????

  3. Marilyn Kamphaus says:

    That is such a good story, I wish you All the happiness in your new life God bless you.

  4. Justin foutz says:

    Congratulations on finding your forever family.

  5. Congratulation…This is so precious for this little angle. May he be surrounded with love, God Bless this family.

  6. Prudence Matima says:

    This story made me cry. May Michael and his forever family be showered with God’s Love and Blessings.

  7. Karen carlyle says:

    Sorry my last comment was full of love hearts but they translated as question marks and I can’t change it!!

  8. Kristen Yard says:

    No worries! LOL!

  9. Eva Lloyd says:

    You are a special little guy!! It was so great of you to include your friends! As a grandmother of adopted grandsons it brought a tear to my eye. I wish you much happiness with your new Mom and Dad.

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