It’s amazing when major corporations make it a priority to cater to children and their specific needs. In this case, Target is Releasing a Sensory-Friendly Kids Furniture Line designed for children with sensory needs and we couldn’t be more proud (or excited).

Target is Releasing a Sensory-Friendly Kids Furniture Line

The New line from Target is called Pillowfort™. Target describes the new line as:
“Our sensory-friendly home collection is designed for all children, especially kids with sensory needs. Create comfortable spaces for your child to have fun, imagine and get away from it all with our thoughtful designs. Some of our sensory-seating options have removable, washable covers with water-resistant liners underneath. Many of the items encourage sensory exploration with super-soft fabrics and crinkly textures that all kids will love to touch. These adorable and affordable sensory-friendly designs are from Pillowfort.” (Source)
Not only are these items sensory-friendly, they also are totally cute and come in a variety of colors and styles to ensure they match your child’s room decor. The best part? This new collection won’t cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, items start at just $20 and cost an upwards of $100. So, very affordable for sensory-friendly furniture for your child. Target originally released this line after parents asked for a more sensory-friendly line of furniture. Yes, parents asked and Target listened.
“We want all guests to feel welcome and included at Target. With our Cat & Jack and Universal Thread adaptive and sensory-friendly apparel, we’ve seen that little details can have a huge impact. I’m so proud to bring that spirit of inclusivity and incredible design to Pillowfort’s new sensory-friendly assortment, which hopefully can bring more ease and joy to our guests’ everyday lives.” – Julie Guggemos, senior vice president ( Source)
Items range from weighted blankets to floor cushions and even rocking chairs.  You can shop the Pillowfort sensory-friendly assortment today on, and watch for adorable weighted plush to debut this summer.  

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