If you love Olive Garden for more than just their unlimited breadsticks, then have they got a treat for you.  They just announced their new menu, GIANT CLASSICS.  This is kind of meatball people write songs about. Now that’s a GIGANTIC MEATBALL!  But, if meatballs that roll off the table and onto the floor aren’t your thing, then you could eat these GIANT stuffed shells with shrimp. They come without shrimp too. Which is fine, but you might need to make sure you take a lactose pill because this is a heck of a lot of cheese. That’s just a big boat of giant shell food. Make: A Giant Pom Pom Chick The crowning jewel in Olive Garden’s giant classics menu HAS to be the foot long Chicken Paremesan though. I didn’t even know chickens came that big. It all starts at $12.99 and comes with unlimited breadsticks and salad. In case that parmesan chicken bigger than my head isn’t enough food for you.

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