Teens Shoveled Snow from Neighbor’s Driveway So She Could Make it To Dialysis Treatment

When you think of a teenager you probably think of attitudes, kids eating your entire fridge, and being all about their peers but that isn’t always the case.

In fact, recently, 5 teenage boys shoveled snow from a neighbor’s driveway so she could make it to Dialysis treatment and they’re proving there is still good people in the world.

Meet Justin, Pat, Chris, Tyler & Amon – 5 Parsippany High School seniors who got up extra early (at 4:30 AM to be exact) to shovel their neighbor’s driveway so she could make it to her Dialysis treatment on time that morning. 

On Sunday night, up to 8 inches of snow was in the forecast for the following morning, which was dangerous news for Natalie Blair, who had a dialysis appointment she couldn’t miss. 

Her neighbor, Brian Lanigan, was usually the person to shovel her driveway, but he was due at work as an EMT when the storm was expected to start.

So Brian turned to his little brother, Patrick, for help and not only did he want to help, he sought out additional help to ensure the job was done.

The teen asked his friends and fellow Parsippany High School classmates to come to the rescue. The five boys bundled up and proceeded to head over to Blair’s house at 4:30 a.m.

These boys not only helped Natalie get to her treatment, but they proved there are still good people doing good things in the world and we couldn’t be more proud!

And neither could Twitter users. So many saw the boys as heroes and took to Twitter to express their gratitude. 



Proof that not all heroes wear capes!

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