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Does decluttering your whole home in one week sound crazy? It is more than possible if you follow this ultimate guide to decluttering!

When I decide I want to declutter my home I have to have a plan.

If not, I just wander around the house doing a little bit here, a little bit there, shuffling things around a bit, and calling it a day.

Which, as you can probably guess, leads to me getting nothing done at all.

Declutter Guide Freed From Clutter Tablet

The editor of our parenting content here at KidsActivities, Becky, is amazing at decluttering. She has 4 kids and has the best tips for keeping your home clean and clutter free. So when I finally decide to get started decluttering my home, I use her declutter course, Freed From Clutter, to map my plan out.

This course has a step by step, room by room guide to decluttering your entire home. It is easy to follow along with and she walks you through everything that you need to know in order to declutter your home effectively!

You can read more about Freed From Clutter here!

Tackle this declutter checklist to improve your home!

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